Guardian Angel Bracelets 👼👼

I don’t know if you have seen the show Housewives of New Jersey. On the show Teresa and her husband are being taken to court and another co-star had brought her a handmade guardian angel bracelet. When I see this bracelet I knew I would have to contact anyone related to Nettie Laurita and found her twitter page. She was very helpful etc
She can make these glasses in several colors and style. Well below are
Some if her designs and creations.








Monday in the summer! 🐾🐶😄🌞🌹🌺🌸☔️⚡️

Another Monday has come and gone but I can say tonight was a beautiful night outside. It was so nice out today not to hot and breezy can’t get better then that for a summer day in maryland.
Bryan and I went to the gym after work and decided to go to wegmans and pick up some sushi for dinner and some protein bars they seem to go quickly around our house lol. After wards we came home to set on the deck and hang outside with the dog for a little bit since he had been inside all day. He loved it as you can see from the pics below.






Well after I watered all my flowers and veggies in the garden I decided to get a few pages read from the book I am reading called positive negativity great romance novel and most of the story is based out of ocean city maryland which is so cool. Another cool thing about this book is the author d.d. Lorenzo is my friends mother and boy she can write a book.

This is the first book in the series and yes she gave me a copy sometime last year around oct or nov and I am only on chapter 6 but I don’t have a lot of time to read and don’t forget I do have ADHD and tend to find something to do that is hands on lol. Anyways be sure to get her book and the second one in the series as well. I need to place my order for the second one as well.
As I was sitting on the deck enjoying the breeze I saw the sky got a little dark like a storm was coming but so far the storm has held out thank god cause I don’t think I can take another night of only 3 hours of sleep due to loud thunder and bright lightning. ⚡️⚡️☔️☔️.




Hope everyone enjoyed their Mondays.

Classroom Trash to Treasure: DIY Decoupage Storage Cabinets

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In my last post, I told the story of my first classroom “trash to treasure experience” and what it resulted in, which were these ahhh-mazingly fun and functional (I might be just a tad biased) plastic storage cabinets:

IMG_4376IMG_4375IMG_4374IMG_4373IMG_4372Now, I know you are going to find this hard to believe but these were old, dusty (that’s putting it lightly), plastic storage cabinets that were left in my new classroom (which I’m not able to move in to yet) by the last teacher. Just so you can comprehend the “trash to treasure” transformation that went down in my garage today, here are a few pictures of them in my classroom before I got my hands on them:

IMG_4363IMG_4361IMG_4359This project took me about 6 hours in total (but I spent a lot of time waiting for things to dry) and it cost me $0…. Yes, it cost me NOTHING because I had…

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End of Boring Storage!!

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I got home from my recent vacation with a million ideas for projects to work on, well…. maybe not a million, but close!  We drove approximately 2,000 miles with four small  boys. So, to help keep my sanity I kept a notebook that I jotted down ideas and plans for projects! Here are some of the fruits of that trip!

The first one I wanted to work on was dressing up some milk crates. I decided to use an old French Toile shower curtain and scrap material from my reading nook pillows project (check out the previous post “Summer Planning”.

image_5This was the first one I made. I decided I would change the pattern slightly for the second one.

I started with a piece of the Toile fabric to line the inside bottom of the crate.

This is the bottom inside liner for the milk crate.

This is the bottom inside liner for the milk crate.

step one
Then, I sewed on…

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Organize Your Spices: Make Labeled Tins

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This post originally appeared last month on the blog Mod Podge Rocks. Check it out for great crafting ideas.

Do all of your spices in their random-sized containers drive you crazy? They have always bugged me – I could never find what I needed (so I would inadvertently buy duplicates) and no matter how neatly I placed them on a lazy susan, they never stayed organized.

Spices_beforeYou’ve seen spice organizers out there, and for good reason. But they can get a little expensive.

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Custom Photo Desk Organizers

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I am a fan of Mod Podge. Seriously, I really like the stuff. I am considering seeking help for my addiction to it. Now that we have cleared the air I will share my new favorite idea…



I used trash again to make these cool desk organizers. The pen holder is a from a can of green beans and the hanging file is from a box of laminating sheets! But, you could always use any type of box (cereal, rice, stuffing, etc). 

photo (8)

I printed out some of my favorite pictures. I used black and white filters, but you could do color (or any other variety of filters!). First I covered the box in scrapbook paper that matches everything in my classroom (wrapping paper would have been another good option!) Then, I coated the scrapbook paper with Mod Podge. I then put the pictures over top of the scrapbook…

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Shoprite Coupon Trip 💜👜💰✂️📰

I got into cutting coupons again from a friend. After seeing how much she saved and got from the store for free every week I was totally on board.
I tried to help some friends already with tips on how to coupon and get deals and it just blows my mind that they are not interested in saving money but always want to bitch that they don’t have any money to do anything or buy anything.

Someone at work actually said to myself and my friend that we will become hoarders but I don’t think so. We are the ones with the clean organized desks and there’s looks a hot mess. I don’t know how they find anything in the mess. We purchase want we know we will use and have room for and that’s it. We both know our limits on space and to be honest neither one of us have a home to load up a space with shelves lol like on tv.

It is very easy to get deals and iphone apps help as well and there are also so many blogs that do most of the work for you. I go every sat morning to the dollar store and get about 5 or so sunday papers. They sell their papers the day before which is great but get there early or u won’t get any.

Sometimes I run home and see what coupons are in the paper that they currently have sales on and run up to get them before Sunday when the sale is already over and a new one has started. I have learned that if u miss a deal don’t worry there will be another one and sometimes the one a few weeks after the coupon comes out is better then the original one.

I also download coupons to my reward card to get extra savings and I write my list and attach coupons because Shoprite only doubles 20 coupons at a time so I split up my orders. This way I can keep track of which order is which.

I have helped another coworker by helping fill a basket for her of home essentials she will need. I have also given my mom tons of household items and food to stock their house and also have given my sister a few bags of items that I know she likes. I think my mom needs to have a party soon with all the tea, soda and juice I have got her the last few weeks lol my sister actually thought my mom was having a party lol.

What I do is look for items on sale and Shoprite doubles so a $2.49 item will only cost be .49 if I have $1 off coupon. Can’t beat that I have got tons of chicken and beef strips great for salads and tacos for .49 each and I freeze them so they last longer. I also have got about 10 bags of turkey meatballs for .49 each and they are usually $4 each without the sale and my coupons. Pasta haven’t paid for noodles in a long time I have got them for free can’t beat it.

Again I don’t understand how some of my friends can’t do this simple task to save money when I know they live paycheck to paycheck and always say they don’t have money or a savings acct. If they started using coupons they could start a savings acct and if u know u buy these items multiple times a month anyway why not buy that amount at one time when u can get it cheaper and much less the buying one at a time. My groceries this week fit in a small cart cause of how much I have stocked my freezer and cabinets lol.

Good luck if u start using coupons and it is addicting lol sometimes the store has to pay me to take their items which goes towards more groceries yea!!


💜💙👟 Electric Run Baltimore

We have planned to do our first 5k a few months ago and we picked the electric run. I got a deal on groupon for two tickets and upgraded tech tee for $95. I thought it would be cool since I love wearing neon and glow bracelets lol.

We decided to head to a local pub near the stadiums called pickles pub they have a great crab pretzel by the way. Then it was time to meet our friends and get the race started.

Thank goodness I paid extra to get our packets sent to us because the lines were very large and they had to pay extra for that as well which was crazy. Some said that once they got up there it was all over the place and not organized at all. I noticed there wasn’t much organization at the starting line either.

We had a good time but if anyone asked me if I would pay next year to go to the race I would say no thanks. I was disappointed in the fact there wasn’t many decorations as they show on their website. I understand each venue is a little different but the decorations were spread out and it looked very thrown together really. I was expecting a lot more tunnels and lights. I am thinking maybe the venues that offer the race for two days like dc and New York maybe have more decorations but have never been so I am not sure. Anyways here is some pictures of the electric run race in Baltimore.



I am also glad the weather in Baltimore was great last sat night it was low 80’s and no rain whoooo hoooo.











Beta Fish 🐟🐠

I love betta fish and they are so easy to take care of and I love the fact their tanks stay clean much longer then other fish. I don’t even have my betta in a tank he is in a large vase. He is purplish and purple is my favorite color as well and seem fitting since we live in Baltimore to name him raven lol.

I will share a picture of raven shortly. But I wanted another betta a unique one but I don’t think that will happen because I am not sure about having a fish shipped lol I found on Pinterest some rare colors for bettas and not sure if the pictures were photoshopped but none the less they are very cool looking.
Raven looks a little purple and black in these pics but either way he has our football team colors lol

Here are the pics of the ones I found on Pinterest so rare looking wish they sold these at petsmart.






Diy spray paint or dye furniture 💜💙🔨

I need to see if rit makes a color to dye a section of my sofa that has faded due to the sun. I love keeping my curtains open but with that comes a price to pay my sofa lost the red color and is white. So looking on Pinterest I found some cheap ways to extend the life of my sofa.
Here is a pick of the side facing my patio doors.


So here are a few pics that I got from Pinterest and the rit website of others that have used the dye since my sofa isn’t a slip cover I have to dab it and since we won’t be sitting on that side I painted it shouldn’t have to be rinsed off but we will see how it goes. I stopped at joann fabrics and picked up two colors I thought would match going to wait to get my husbands thoughts on which will match the best.

You can’t tell by the pics which one will match the best but cherry red is a little darker color so need more peoples input but if no one will be able to see it really I guess it won’t matter much since it is still by the window.


Below is the pics I found of other peoples projects.




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