Positive Thoughts

Well it has come to my attention that so many people I am around are very negitive. I try to be positive but sometimes I stop looking at Facebook cause it can be depressing.

Maybe the positive postings will inspire others for more then a week.
Here are some of the quotes I shared on Instagram and try to live by as best I can.


Harley is always getting into something. This is how he acts on the weekends lol

This is Harley looking out the window, he waits for us to come home everyday. He also looks out the window to see what’s going on, who is walking by etc. He is a real pain when the windows are open and he hears something he starts to howl really loud. It is so loud is echoes through the square lol

I am use to this but his howl can go right through u.

The pic above is Harley photo bombing me lol I had just got back from the snowball stand and since it was nice was trying to take a pic so I could blog about it but Harley decided to photo bomb my pic lol it’s pretty funny.

Now after a ton of activities Harley takes a nap, and hey why not cause he just ate his lunch so he is ready for a nap. I take a lot of pics and he is asleep but get gotta get what I can get.
Harley keeps our life entertaining for sure.


These last few pics above are Harley finding the last spot of sun on the carpet. After he finds his spot he lays down for a few zzzz’s.
What a life my beagle has play, nap, and eat.

Vintage Bottle Wall Hangings

Originally posted on For the Love of DIY:

This was one of my first DIY projects and one of my favorites!!! Ā I have a love for vintage bottles and using them as decor. Ā I found a post online on how to make botle wall hangings. Ā  http://thewinthropchronicles.blogspot.com/2012/03/wall-vase.html

232 - Copy (2)

I found the vintage glass bottlesĀ for $6-$7 a pieceĀ at one of my favorite local consignment shops, Ā http://www.antiquesonelmmanchester.com/

Then it was off to the hardware store for the remaining supplies. Now this was the tricky part. Ā I knew what pieces I needed for my project, but I had no idea what they really were or where to find them. Ā Luckily I took pictures of the images on my phone,Ā and thanks to a few very handy men, we found them! Ā Ā Now, I hate to be stereotyped asĀ as helpless woman in a hardware storeā€¦.but today, it paid to be a girl. Ā ;)

What you will need (per bottle display):

1 ā€“ 3/4 Splitā€¦

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Spring with Harley

Everytime I post pictures and posts about my beagle Harley I always get the most responses and feedback. So here is another post of Harley.

The other day he was so hyper and jumped up onto my bed and placed his toy near me so I decided to take the fluffy toy and place it on his head. He sat there for about 5-10 minutes with the toy on his head lol. Living with a beagle will keep u on your toes and your life will not be dull.

Here is the pic of Harley with the toy on his head lol


My Pinterest Addiction

I am so addicted to Pinterest and have pinned more projects and ideas then I will actually do lol. I am sure many of you are in the same boat. I know my husband wishes I didn’t find Pinterest lol I have so many ideas to complete in our home but I know he doesn’t want to do some of my crazy projects I suggest so I may turn in a carpenter and take some classes. It can’t to be hard to measure and cut some pieces of wood to make a window seat , right!!!!!

I have a large window in my kitchen and since out kitchen is small I would love to make a window seat that has storage underneath for my larger appliances. This way it would leave more cabinet space for my dishes and bakeware. Currently I use my broiler drawer for my baking sheets lol

I also wanted to somehow have a little island in the middle as cooking space.
Don’t know if this will work out because we have live here for 14 years now and are use to an open kitchen. I know I will be the first to stump my toe in the middle of the night if I have it in the middle of the floor lol

I will post pictures at the end of the blog that I loved and seen on Pinterest. Some came from thriftyandchic.com and sensationalgirl.com and the other pics didn’t give a website so sorry about not giving u credit.








House Haul


Decorate on a budget

Originally posted on beautease:

Okay, I am a Budget Mama. But I donā€™t like to look budget, ever! With the hubby gone for a few weeks I decided I would ā€œre-decorateā€ the houseā€¦ shhh I didnā€™t tell him. Surprise!!!

I had an empty wall in my house and it was driving me nuts. I took a completely naked space and for $155.00 this is what it turned into:



So hereā€™s the breakdown:

$80- table (love this, it folds flat also!)

$12- Giraffe (I collect them)

$30 (2)- Vases (thatā€™s $15 each!)

$7- Artificial flowers (they smell great btw)

$15- frame (with the picture and all)

So the great thing is- it has some bling which is perfect for my style; but it has that rustic feel in the table which the hubby likes. I feel like that wall belongs in a model home somewhere. I used the left over flowers (it was aā€¦

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Hanging Out in the Office {a little diy}


Hanging plants

Originally posted on The Sparrow's Nest:

Over the last few weekends, Iā€™ve been deep into spring cleaning. In the process of working on rooms and closets throughout the house ā€“ and slightly by surprise ā€“ one morning, unplanned, I endedĀ up cleaningĀ out my officeĀ andĀ moved a lot ofĀ things around, all in effort toĀ pump fresh inspirationĀ into it. My office sits in the back of our house and is also known as the mudroom during the fall, winter and spring;Ā and the sunroom during the summer. The roomĀ has a tall slanted ceiling with four skylights, offering a lot of natural light, but the end wall needed something to help break up the space with a little texture.


I really wanted a hanging basket with vine plants to bring someĀ natural greenery into the space. So during a tripĀ to Ikea, I saw these dark reed, woven hanging basketsĀ and I knew they were just right for the space.Ā I had a bit of silverā€¦

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Stenciled Cabinet my inspiration for a kitchen island

Originally posted on Decorate Decorate:

My dad found this cupboard for me. It has been sitting in my hallway for several months and to begin with Vegas, the cat was not happy with it. He kept sidling up to it and arching his back in a menacing way.

Often when I see a piece of furniture, I can visualise exactly what I want to do with it, but for some reason, this one had me stumped.Ā Sometimes you just have to be patient until inspiration hits. The funny thing is that now, when I look at the finished piece, Ā it seems obvious that this is exactly how it should have been re-invented.

To begin with, I painted two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and then set to work stencilling the pattern using Old White. I used two of my new stencils, starting with the Neemrana Border Stencil around the doors and theā€¦

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Time To Contemplate


Chalk Paint and Stencils

Originally posted on Decorate Decorate:

When I first worked on this piece of furniture, I saw it very much as a small side table.

After painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite, I stencilled a border around the top and along the legs with the Rajasthan Border stencil using Country Grey.

I left the centre of the table top plain and put it up on my Etsy shop. It has been around for a while.

Earlier this week I was rearranging the furniture in my shop when it popped into my head that I needed to stencil the remainder of the top as well. I set to work with my Neemrana Border and Agra stencils adding the additional pattern. I now think that it would also make a fantastic bench in a hallway, a bit like the beautiful wooden benches that you find in India.

When I was still working in the fashionā€¦

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Experimenting with Chalk Paint

Originally posted on making it in the mountains:

Finally getting those shelves up last weekend has totally inspired me to tackle some other projects that Iā€™ve been meaning to do for what feels like an eternity. Hereā€™s what I was up to todayā€¦

Like so many others, Iā€™ve fallen in love with that country-chic look of a painted piece of antique furniture. Not just any old panted piece of furniture will do though, I tend to gravitate toward furniture with the more rustic look of distressed chalk paint. I really do love the idea of transforming something old and worn out into a swoon-worthy piece that can bring some personality, colour and texture to a room.

I convinced Brady to purchase this dresser from an antique store in town for our nursery when I was pregnant. It was a beautiful piece with a ton of potential ā€¦ though the drawers and pulls looked like they had seen betterā€¦

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