Cut down on identity theft ðŸ’°ðŸ’³

After being a victim of identity theft myself (long story), and hearing countless stories from Facebook friends, family and my students about their identity theft situations. I decided to try and make some of the items a bit prettier buy putting a special touch to my aluminum wallets. I am sure I can sell a few of these products since everytime I turn around someone else is telling me they are too.

The identity theft issues need to be addressed and everyone needs to protect themselves and we do the best we can to prevent this from happening at all or again. I just heard this info online not sure how true it is but there is a gadget that can be used by the thief that can collect all the info on your credit cards just by standing next to you for a few seconds. This info was scary to me and I did some research having a aluminum wallet and wrapping your cards in aluminum foil will help because the gadget that I spoke about above can not get through the foil or aluminum wallet.

Well I am sure in another year or less they will have figured out a way around this and we will have to come up another way to protect ourselves again. We just have to stay a few steps in front of them.

Soon in my etsy shop I will be selling the long aluminum wallets that also could hold a check book and has a small mirror inside as well. I bought a pink one for myself and decided to add a special touch to mine and it really has improved the look of this wallet. Keep checking my etsy shop at http://www.etsy.con/shop/ahindle78 to see when I add this item as well as some new designs and products as I prepare for the holiday season.

Here is a pic of my wallet


Do you need a gift?

If u are looking for a personalized gift check out my etsy shop at the sooner u place your orders the better because with the holidays approaching and weddings I am really busy. Don’t wait till the last minute for your gifts get it out of the way and relax during the holiday shopping time with your family.

Here are more pictures of my products








My etsy shop 🍷🍷🍷✏️✏️🎄📦🎨

Check out my etsy shop at I create personalized gifts from wine glasses to desk accessories. You choose colors and name or initial. Please feel free to share my page with friends and family as well.

Here are some pictures of items in my shop.













Wine Glasses for all occasions! ðŸ·ðŸ·

New wine glasses have been added to my etsy shop. I also take custom orders as well just email me to make sure I can complete your order. is where u can go to place your orders. Many other personalized gifts added to my site and will be added in the upcoming weeks.

This is my busy time of year so get your Xmas gifts early and place your order.










My etsy shop creations.

New items have been made and I just put them in my etsy shop at

Here are some pictures of the new items just added and a few more will be added in the upcoming weeks.





🐶🐾🐶🐾 Today is National Dog Day!

Today is national dog day, so let’s celebrate the pets we currently have, or have lost they deserve it for putting up with us humans lol.
I want to say happy dog day to everyone who owns, fosters, volunteers or rescues a dog.
Here is a pic of my dog Harley.


Bathroom Improvements 🏡🔨🔨

If u haven’t seen my other post about the tile that I added to my shower in my upstairs bathroom you will have to check it out. I had left over tile from that project and was just a little short on tile but all I had to do was buy one tile for $4 at Home Depot.
I decided since I had leftovers of tile that I put it to good use. A few years ago we had to replace the bathroom vanity and when we did Hubby decided to change the vanity to a taller one which meant we needed to create a shelf to attach to the wall and the bathroom vanity top.
So since then I had always wanted to put something on the shelf like sea glass or tile etc so when I had left over from my shower project it was time to lay a few pieces down and see how it looked and it looked great.



The photos above are the before pics of the bathroom and shelf. When we initially started this bathroom remodel hubby told me my idea of tile or sea glass wouldn’t work. I think he was just being lazy and didn’t want me to put him to work lol. As a quick fix he went and got this silver type of paper that we could place on the wood shelf to make it look better, and it has held up but I always had in the back of my mind the ideas I had for the shelf so after i seen how easy it was to install the tile in the shower it was obvious that I was going to make my dream come true and tile the shelf.
Hubby didn’t even know I tiled it cause I did it within a few min while he was at softball.
We are so happy with how it turned out and now I know if I can and have the tools to do the project myself lol. I am sure hubby doesn’t mind since he works hard and doesn’t want to come home to construction ideas I came up with or seen on Pinterest. Posted below are pics of the process prior to placing the tile u can see blue paint that’s because we tried painting the shelf at first but it didn’t work out well.


The pictures below are the process of placing the tile down to the shelf with adhesive and grouting.


Next is the final pics
I think my bathroom project turned out and gave it the last touch I needed and had been dreaming about for years now.

DIY Closet System

Originally posted on Clueless DIY Decor:

Ever since I had my own place I always wanted a closet room dedicated just to my makeup, clothes, and anything I felt like. Pretty much a huge walk in closet full of pretty things. When Max and I first moved in together into our apartment we got a two bedroom. We each had our own plans for the spare bedroom and it quickly turned into a mixture of nail polish, real live snakes (Max went through a reptile phase once), high heels, band posters,  an office/desk station and Army gear storage.

So it was a no brainer while we were house hunting that we needed a minimum of 3 bedrooms so we could each have a space of our own to do what we pleased.

I’ve posted random pictures of what I’ve done to my closet room on social media and it never fails that I get questions or…

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Mirror in Duck Egg Blue!

Originally posted on Hazel Mae Home:

My Mom and Aunt found a cute little mirror at a garage sale. I have a thing for mirrors… they are all over my house. My Mom suggested this one would look cute in our mud room as a great place to check yourself before you leave the house.

I agreed and went to work making it fit a little more into my style. I painted with Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue, distressed to see some of the gold come through and waxed with a combination of Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax and Old White paint.

It’s the perfect addition to my mud room that I redesigned last year! Check out the link if you missed it!


Thanks for following along as I update antique treasures with paint!

… Kristin

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Freshen up your furniture

Originally posted on jenn jay tales:

Project DIY

A blog about my experience, with an “easy to use” product to give my old furniture a “face-lift.”

I have some pieces of furniture, purchased about 20 years ago, when hand made heritage style furniture was the “in” thing. The style also suited my traditional Queenslander house.

My heavy, dark set of Chairs, table and bookshelf.

My heavy, dark set of Chairs, table and bookshelf.

A few decades later, my circumstances having changed, (not to mention styles,) I tried to sell the furniture on E bay and Gumtree.  I didn’t think I was asking too many $$$ for the pieces, as they are hand-made and crafted using heritage timber. But they did not sell and I wasn’t about to leave them on the footpath for someone to pick up for free. (Well I could have, but I felt these pieces were too good for that.) The footpath has been the perfect place to de-clutter and provide the…

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