DIY Closet System

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Ever since I had my own place I always wanted a closet room dedicated just to my makeup, clothes, and anything I felt like. Pretty much a huge walk in closet full of pretty things. When Max and I first moved in together into our apartment we got a two bedroom. We each had our own plans for the spare bedroom and it quickly turned into a mixture of nail polish, real live snakes (Max went through a reptile phase once), high heels, band posters,  an office/desk station and Army gear storage.

So it was a no brainer while we were house hunting that we needed a minimum of 3 bedrooms so we could each have a space of our own to do what we pleased.

I’ve posted random pictures of what I’ve done to my closet room on social media and it never fails that I get questions or…

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Mirror in Duck Egg Blue!

Originally posted on Hazel Mae Home:

My Mom and Aunt found a cute little mirror at a garage sale. I have a thing for mirrors… they are all over my house. My Mom suggested this one would look cute in our mud room as a great place to check yourself before you leave the house.

I agreed and went to work making it fit a little more into my style. I painted with Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue, distressed to see some of the gold come through and waxed with a combination of Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax and Old White paint.

It’s the perfect addition to my mud room that I redesigned last year! Check out the link if you missed it!


Thanks for following along as I update antique treasures with paint!

… Kristin

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Freshen up your furniture

Originally posted on jenn jay tales:

Project DIY

A blog about my experience, with an “easy to use” product to give my old furniture a “face-lift.”

I have some pieces of furniture, purchased about 20 years ago, when hand made heritage style furniture was the “in” thing. The style also suited my traditional Queenslander house.

My heavy, dark set of Chairs, table and bookshelf.

My heavy, dark set of Chairs, table and bookshelf.

A few decades later, my circumstances having changed, (not to mention styles,) I tried to sell the furniture on E bay and Gumtree.  I didn’t think I was asking too many $$$ for the pieces, as they are hand-made and crafted using heritage timber. But they did not sell and I wasn’t about to leave them on the footpath for someone to pick up for free. (Well I could have, but I felt these pieces were too good for that.) The footpath has been the perfect place to de-clutter and provide the…

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Adventures in Craigslist!

Originally posted on wywh home:

I have read several posts regarding how to find furniture on Craigslist (CL) either for yourself or to refinish and sell and think I can offer a few more relevant tips.  When I say relevant, I mean just that, it’s all relevant.  What is your specific situation?  Are you under a tight budget, limited to how you’ll transport something, looking for something very specific etc.  With that said I have found great success with CL both buying and selling.

Main rules to follow: 

Search Wisely. Search using words that one would use when posting.  Think like them.  If you want a long dresser to use as a media console then search for dresser but also try media cabinet, tv stand or table.  Who knows what words people use and an extra special hint, try common misspellings such as a buffett and a buffet.  It’s true that we’re not all wordsmiths!

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Vanity Make-Over

Originally posted on Woodsy Wonders Design:

DSC_3010 copy

 Cost: $50 for paint. (I already had the vanity & spackle) Estimate Total: $50.

So this was love at first sight! If you have never painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you really are missing out. This all started when my oldest daughter, who is ten, had this vanity. The vanity was white and she had gotten finger nail polish and marker on the white finish. Then used alcohol to try to remove the polish and ended up stripping the finish off and the polish was still visible. I was ready to throw the vanity in the dumpster. Then I had a vision. Why not re-paint it?! Its a nice piece just needs a little TLC. Well she has her room done in blues, pinks and whites. She was always complaining she had no where to put her lamp and didn’t like walking across the room to turn it off…

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Pure White Kitchen Cabinet

Originally posted on Hazel Mae Home:

Sometimes you have a piece of furniture that remains functional but is completely past it’s prime. Lexi uses this piece as a catch all in her kitchen. It provides great storage and has served the family well for many years, but it was due for an update. When she brought this piece to me I immediately knew that a fresh coat of paint and new hardware would bring it back to life.


There was a bit of prep work since this piece was previously painted black. It took several coats of Annie Sloan Pure White and a finish of Annie Sloan Clear Wax. I suggested these oil rubbed bronze bin pulls and knobs instead of handles for the cabinet doors. I spray painted the hinges to match.


This piece still provides great storage, but now lightens up the previously dark corner in Lexi’s kitchen. Thank you for your continued business, Lexi! What’s next?!

A little shout out…

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Paint My House!

Originally posted on No Minivan Mama:

We’re [hopefully] approaching a closing date on our new house. We love the house, the bones of the house, but it needs some love. The layout is great, but cosmetically, it couldn’t be more boring. The entire house has ugly, damaged gray carpet and black and white vinyl floors. Then I guess they gave the painting task to a toddler who slopped gray paint all over the walls… and some of the trim, windows, fireplace, etc.

During the inspection, I took a ton of pictures of the house. But they all pretty much look the same. You see one picture and you have a good idea of what the entire house looks like.

Foyer. Everything is this gray.

Foyer. Everything is this gray.

We’re DIYers and were looking for a house that needed some updating, so it’s really perfect. Boring white cabinets everywhere. Builder’s Grade mirrors. When you walk through the house, if you listen very…

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Sucker for a Succulent

Originally posted on Cheerful Dreamer:

I may be crafty, but I certainly have no green thumb. The fact that succulents require little effort and upkeep makes us a match made in heaven. Recently I have been brainstorming on how to spruce up my boring entry way. At this point, a welcome mat was the sole decor. I came up with the idea to put several different succulents together in a big pot to put on display. I made a quick trip to the store, gathered all of my supplies and got to work.

 IMG_3111 (640x638)

The pot that I chose was just a boring plastic treasure that I picked up from a yard sale. It definitely needed a face lift before it was ready for plants. I sprayed it with two coats of my new favorite spray paint. You can find it at Lowes and it is amazing! It adds texture, which makes it great at covering up…

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TINY: The Movie

Originally posted on Clothesline Tiny Homes:

Have you seen this documentary TINY yet?

TINY: A Story About Living Small, the Movie by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller.

TINY: A Story About Living Small, the Movie by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller.

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Tiny Sanctuary

Originally posted on innertravelerslog:

Minimalism and simplicity.

Those are two words I have come to live by. While yes, I tend to be quite messy at times, the idea of living simply and not having unnecessary gadgets is so appealing to me.

Recently I watched a documentary on Netflix called Tiny: A Story About Living Small, and was genuinely inspired to create a tiny home. I’ve always had this desire to live small after having a completely transforming epiphany about minimalism.

Quite the spiritual journey, it began during the season of lent when I decided to give up my wardrobe. For 40 days I wore two shirts, a jacket, a pair of beaten up Sperry’s and quite simply that was it. I realized through that experience that I didn’t need (or really want) most of the things I had. So I immediately went into cleaning mode and rid my closet of just about…

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