DIY Friday: From Light Fixtures To Planters!

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Brenda here!  I love to repurpose – and make something out of an item that was totally meant for different function.

Take old ‘chandelier’ light fixtures. Unless yours is something of a treasure, like this Baccarat French crystal glass number, (above), you can revamp it into a whole new-purpose, and in a fabulous new color!

Then…you add these:

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

What? No spare chandelier?  You can find ‘em at any garage sale, thrift store, ReStore, or at the curb on any given trash day.  We will especially hold the ’1980′s brass’ ones up with disdain, impatiently waiting to hit them with spray paint so they enjoy another life.

North Carolina blogger Katherine Elizabeth Etier shows you what she’s done with her old ‘chandies’ here on

I love how she’s worked in the succulents!

You’ll never look at another chandelier or light fixture the same way, now!

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Spring is Here and So Is Country Chic Paint!

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I have to apologize, I  haven’t been posting lately, instead I have been busy painting and refurbishing some of my vintage finds. As you can see, my website is looking a little different. I have this amazing web designer who has been helping me to make my “brand” consistent across all my social media sites. I am a work in progress!!! Thanks to Rose for her awesome help!

As a retailer of Country Chic paints, I am so excited to be receiving my first order this Wednesday. If you haven’t seen their colour palette, you are going to love it. I can’t wait to get started on workshops. I already have a group of women itching to get going!

I am in the middle of painting a mid-century modern sideboard in tropical cocktail. It is absolutely stunning!


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Kitchen Countertops Updated Ideas on a Budget!

I have some pretty bad photos on Pinterest of kitchen countertops and I must say mine are not really that bad compared to them lol. I just need a change that is within my budget and easy. I was thinking about the rustoleum kitchen countertop paint, then I seen Gianni countertop paint and really liked that concept as well.
While on Pinterest I cam across the concrete countertop and it looked easy but I just want to find out how to make my countertop durable and have a protective coat so I don’t have to reapply the countertop paint or concrete.

I really wish I could get granite. My kitchen isn’t even that big but with a project like that I would have to get hubby involved.

My question to you is: 1. What methods have you used on your countertops? 2. What clear coat holds up the best? Please leave your comments below

Thanks everyone happy remodeling

Here are some photos I had of concrete countertops not sure what sites these pics came from I got them on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest and the DIY network.





Harley’s Easter Pics 2014🐇💐🐣🐥🐶🐶🐶

Harley didn’t go with us for Easter dinner cause it is just to much going on at my cousins house to bring him. Plus not to mention he can catch someone off guard and steal food lol

Here are some pics I edited for Easter



Hope everyone had a great Easter

Happy Easter💐🐇🐥🐣💐

Happy Easter


Tried and True Organizing Solutions

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Drawer Organizers – A Type A girl’s best friend.

  • sort and separate like items
  • maximize vertical space
  • never compromise accessibility
  • budget friendly

Here are a few of my favorite uses…

K Cups








The possibilities are endless!

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Easy and fun way to use thoes old candle jars

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Do you save the jar of your candles after they have finished burning? Well you might want to start after reading this. An easy way to make those jars useful again is so easy and it will turn out gorgeous.
What you need:
-An old candle jar
-Glitter of your choice
-Paint brush
-Rubbing alcohol
First what you want to do is remove any leftover wax from the bottom of the jar. There are many ways to do this, you can pop the candle in the freezer overnight and then pry it out with a spoon. Or you can run it under hot water for about a minute, and the leftover wax should slide out.

Then you want to wash the jar with soapy water to get any soot or wax residue off. Then give it a nice rub down with rubbing alcohol. Oh and if there are any…

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Shabby Chic Bedside Tables Custom Make Over in Blake & Taylors Hampton Paint

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Good Morning :) (I am being very lazy and writing this post in my PJ’s)

Today I thought that I would share one of my recent makeovers using Blake and Taylor Furniture Paint. If you have been following my blog you probably would have seen my post detailing one of my first experiences with these wonderful Australian owned paints, if not you can check it out here EAU DE COLOGNE RUSTIC SIDE TABLE. I was contacted by a lovely lady over Facebook who was after a pair of bedside tables to be custom painted in a white colour. Fortunately I had a few pairs of bedside tables that I hadn’t painted yet and so I sent her some pictures. Well having wonderful taste she chose these wonderful very solid and beautifully crafted bedside tables.

Before - Bedside Tables

She wanted the tables to be painted in a plain white colour with soft…

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Balcony Gardens💐🌸🌷🌹🌻

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It is official. I have have a full blown case of spring fever!

In between studying for finals and putting finishing touches on my term papers, I have been cleaning, reorganizing, and making lists of how to make our tiny apartment feel a bit more homey. This has been particularly fun since I have so many shinny new wedding presents to find the perfect place for!

One area of our apartment that is particularly sad looking is our balcony. Currently, the only things out there are 2 plastic Adirondack chairs and a small side table. It is so uninviting that I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of it! Before I make any changes, I will make sure to snap one so I can post a Before & After.

While I have a very small budget for this space ($100 tops), I think that when I am finished with…

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how to make a pretty bed, part II

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Back in January I wrote about how to make a pretty bed (read it here ).  I finally have pictures of our new bed, and here they are!




We have 3 Euro pillows in the back.  We got the Euro shams from Kohls.  Then we have 2 king pillows with the pillowcases that came with our sheets.  In front of those are 2 standard pillows with printed pillowcases from Kohls.  And in front of THAT are 2 decorative pillows.  The pillow covers are from here.

So there you have it.  A pretty bed = a bed with no shortage of pillows.

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