Glow Stick Lanterns

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Glow Stick Lanterns #diy #summertime #masonjars #project #party

Theses are the perfect DIY project for an evening event or party. I made them a few years ago to line the sidewalk for Halloween. This time I tried three different versions with slightly varying results.

For the blue lantern I used three big glow sticks. To completely fill a  jar it would take about ten! If you want to fill the jar up with water you can, but you need to use a lot of glow sticks so it doesn’t dilute them too much. What I haven’t really figured out yet is how to get the liquid to stick to the sides of the jar. Even when you add water the glow stick liquid doesn’t mix well with the water because it’s too oily.

For my second lantern adding glitter to the sides of the jar seemed to really help diffuse the glow. I used four pink necklaces for…

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Beautiful Balconies

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Now that the mercury is rising in our fair city of Vancouver, we’re heading outdoors. When you get home, you still often wish you were outside. This can be difficult for some who live in apartment or condo buildings as they don’t have a front or back yard. But for those who have balconies – even the smallest ones – there are lots of options – here are some of our favourites to get inspired!

solariumgarden 2garden 1evening

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The Screened in Porch (is slowly coming together) Post

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Oh, y’all!

I am so in love with our new screened in porch! I have been begging for years to have this done, a screened in porch is right up there on my list of favorites…a high favorite, right under coffee!! ❤️

I was so tickled to death that Rad Brad had an opening in his busy schedule last month. He came out & whipped this porch into shape in under a week!

Unfortunately, I regret to have to tell you right off that we have ALREADY had a fatality out there! Little Patti got herself locked inside one afternoon & brutally assaulted the screen door trying to get out! (See below)

((Major frown)) ((& bad words)) (((maybe a tear or two as well)))…sigh…

P Daddy hasn’t noticed it yet. He will have an aneurism for sure! I’m on Brad’s list to have it repaired. Between these kids & these…

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Backyard Oasis and the dogs this Memorial Day Holiday 🐾🐶🍷🍹🏡🌸🌹

Hubby and I were outside all day cleaning up the shed and backyard. I did accomplish one item on my to do list of home improvements. I went to Home Depot this morning and got rubber mulch and grey and white rocks to put at the front of the deck so the dogs stop digging in the mud everyday. 

Here are some pics from this afternoon on the deck. 


Here are more photos of the deck in the evening. 






Any Contractors Out There I Need Help!!!!! 🔨🔨🔨🔨🏡🏠

I need help with some small projects around my home. So let me explain what my plans are, I want to start getting some small things fixed around my home at a cheap price so that we can sell the home soon. In our neighborhood right now houses are not being renovated on the inside and prices have dropped a little. So using advice from all the blogs and professionals I follow upgrading and renovating with high end materials in a area that isn’t having this type of work done will not increase the value of my home and no one will purchase our home for the price we want. 

Home improvements are very expensive and placing a lot more money into this home when we wont get it back in return just isn’t in the cards, so my goal is to fix the important things at the best way I can. 

First on the list is my windows, I don’t want to spend money on new windows for my whole house even if I only have 8 windows. So I was hoping to get advice and referrals of companies that are in Maryland that could help me with this issue. 

One day I opened my window and I didn’t feel a difference but I let go thinking it would stay up and it came crashing down very hard. The latch that u push to pull the window into the house and the spring inside that went flying across the room. The metal window frame at the top that holds the latch is bent forward and I didn’t want to press on it because I didn’t want to pressure to break the glass inside the window. So now the window won’t stay closed and air is going out and air coming in. 

In order to sell our home I know we need this fixed because if a child was in that bedroom that is very dangerous. So I need any help I can get. Excuse my photos of my dusty window these were before spring cleaning happened lol 

This is a photo of the broken latch I placed it on top so I wouldn’t lose it and the top where it is sitting u can see that the frame is bent some. 


So if anyone knows a handyman or business that can come out to help fix this so I don’t need to replace the windows would be a great help to me. Thanks 

Lifestyle | Home Decor for Small Spaces

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If there’s one thing I’ve been preoccupied with lately, it’s home decor.  In particular bedroom decor and even more specifically, dressing tables.  There’s only one small “problem”…  I don’t have a lot of space to work with.  So I’ve done a little search on decor ideas for small bedrooms and home spaces.

We renovated our kitchen a few months ago (a much needed one I might add!) and as hubby gave me free reign over the design, I opted for a fresh white, shabby chic look.  Creating a shabby chic look, I found, is all in the details so I brought in the pastel colours with mosaic tiling and kitchen utility accessories like an egg box and serving tray.  It’s still very much a work in progress mostly because I’m so particular about what accessories I want to purchase.  I have pictures of things in my mind and it’s very…

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Mod Podge Flower Vase

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I’m a huge Pinterest fan, but so many of the best ideas on there require Mod Podge, and being in the UK I thought we couldn’t get it here. WRONG! I found it in hobbycraft – the most obvious place to look. I am beyond excited about all the random stuff I can make with it.
I started with this easy Upcycled Vase.


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Blank Canvas

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We picked up the keys to our new place today and there was a sense of excitement in the air. Looking at the open space with dark hardwood floors gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The possibilities are endless – we can make this space whatever we want. 

I always pictured friends and family gathered in the living room/kitchen area drinking cool beverages while conversing with one another. Of course everyone has really trendy cocktail glasses in hand and the décor adds to the Zen vibe of the party. 

I wanted to give you a glimpse into our place without all the moving boxes and before our furniture transition period. Not to mention, when all is said and done, I want to have a before and after photo to relish in. From Blank Canvas to Masterpiece. 


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Home Decorating Inspiration – House Plants

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plants 3plants 4plants 8

I am currently obsessed with putting plants everywhere in a home. Yes they require a bit of work, but if you get the right ones, that work can be reduced by quite a bit. I’m not even talking about putting flowers everywhere…although I do love flowers. Flowers are great, but they last shorter periods of time than other plants, and require more attention. I’m talking about ferns and cacti and little trees. Anything to add that natural greenness to your space. I used to be skeptical about bringing all that life into a house, but now I really just love it…calming effect, cleans the air, adds more oxygen, and looks amazing!

plants 1plants 7plants 5

Also, some of these plants have uses. There are a few herbs you can grow indoors (I would personally go for ones that don’t scent the air though…as great as it smells, you may not always want your place…

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DIY: Color in Cabinets

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Like any typical apartment, I hate my kitchen cabinets.  I was not allowed to paint, or cover them in any way.  The cabinets are old 1970s, nasty brown and covered in layers of finish from years of people living here.  To make things worse, I have over 17 cabinet doors in my kitchen alone!  No one needs this much brown, especially drab brown!

My solution: add a pop of color to connect to my color scheme.  I took down four of the main cabinet doors (will add back when I move) and added color to the back of the cabinets.  This is also a great non-permanent solution for any apartment.


  • Poster board
  • Measuring tape
  • Duct tape
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • String


  • Measure the inside of your cabinet walls (three sides) for each shelfIMG_3144
  • Cut poster board in each of the three sizes.
  • Cut fabric about 2-3 inches larger than the…

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