Need a dress?

Hi I recently was invited to a wedding and I love weddings but hate trying to find a dress that fits me and is the style that I like.

Well speaking to another co-worker about trying to find a dress she told me that she always uses Rent the Runway app and has had great dresses for weddings and other events.

Link. $30 off

You get a designer high dollar dress that maybe you wouldn’t pay for, for a great rental price.

The reviews are so great you see actual pics of the person in the dress and most people put bra size and what size they usually wear and what dress they decided to wear from rent the runway.

You can rent for a great price and they send the dress a few days prior to the event and guess what? You get two sizes to try on and if they don’t fit you can ask for a different size or different dress that will be overnighted to you for your event. The whole process went smoothly.

I will rent again soon for another event. Afterwards I dropped my dresses off at a ups drop box which was across the street from my house.

Click on my link and you will get $30 off your rental.

Here are pics of my dress which was around $300-400 dress that I rented for $30 which I don’t think you can beat. I decided on the 4 day rental but they also have a 7 day rental as well. Plus a membership if u want to go that route and rent more items on a more frequent basis.


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Family Tree Research

Hi I am trying to research my family tree and there is not much information to go on either for one side of the family. What are the best sites that are free to use to track down records for family members like death certificates, marriage certificates and birth certificates.

Any help would be appreciated I really didn’t get far on ancestry website.

Sell and buy items on poshmark

Do you need to make extra money? I have several pieces of clothing that for various reasons need to sell and pass along to someone that will actually wear the clothing instead of hanging in my closet taking up space.

I use the poshmark app and check out my closet. Here is the link to my closet.

Here are some pics of what I have for sale.

Great BNWT LuLaRoe Items for sale

I haven’t posted in a long time but trying to get back into posting on my blog again for 2018. I use an app called Poshmark to sell clothing and other items and it’s a great website not only do I use it to sell my items but I have also purchased items from other sellers.

It’s a great app and if you would like click on this link and you will receive $5 towards a purchase of anything on poshmark. You can find brand new items as well as used items in excellent shape. Here is the link to sign up and start using today.

Join me on Poshmark, the #1 app to buy and sell fashion. Make money and shop over 5,000 brands at up to 70% off! Use code AHINDLE78 to get $5 off your first order.

Here are so brand new LuLaRoe items I have for sale in my poshmark closet. Go check them out and purchase if you like an item it is appreciated.

Here is the link to my shop to take a look around! Shop my closet on Poshmark!

Poshmark has some great stuff and remember to get your $5 by clicking on the first link at the top of my page then once u set up your Acct come back and click on the second link to take you to my shop lots for sale. Various sizes and items for women and men in my shop.

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