Paint Night 🖌🎨🖌🎨

My mom has been wanting to go to a paint night event. She actually went to one a few weeks ago and painted on canvas a painting of the three dogs. It looks really cute my sister is actually going to take it and hang it up in her house. 

Anyways my mom seen there was a pint night event right down the street from her work so we bought tickets to go, it was actually inside the local gym which includes a bar. I know what you are thinking a bar in a gym. It was the same thing we were thinking lol. Pretty weird I know as I am sitting there painting people are behind me working out lol. 

The only thing I can think is that this bar/sub shop in a gym is because they have a huge pool outside and in the summer people get hungry and needs food and drinks I guess lol. 

Pint night was fun it was a painting of a heart with lady bugs. Here is the instructors painting. 


Here is my painting 

Here is my moms painting 

My moms coworker Kevin this was his painting he kind of went off and added special touches to his painting but I love it. 


Our trip to Punta Cana 

We decided to take our yearly trip would be to Mexico and the day before we were suppose to leave a huge hurricane hit Mexico so I called my travel agent and we switched our trip to punta Cana. We have been to punta Cana several times before and they are really building up with stores, malls and the roads. 

We first went to punta Cana in 2005 and they now have an ikea store lol. We stayed at a resort called ocean blue and sand. Here are some photos of our resort and on top of that we got to spend Halloween there at the resort which was great. 


More photos from Harley’s photo shoot at Christmas 🐶🐾🎁🎄🎅🏻

Here are more photos I took with a Christmas backdrop with Harley. 

Harley is always funny because he will turn his head when he sees my camera lol smart dog I have. 

Happy Halloween 🎃🕸☠

Here are some photos I took of my beagle Harley.  


Harley says happy holidays. 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎄🎄🎁🎁

Here are some of the funny photos from my photo shoot with Harley trying to get his Christmas photos. It’s always funny cause he is always barking but I tend to get some good ones. 


Harley had to take a trip to the vet. 🐾🐶🐾🐶

Last Saturday I was in the back yard cleaning up some leaves that blow over in our yard. Well I know this is TMI but Harley was not feeling well and started popping blood so I called his vet in a town called belair that we take him too she didn’t have any appointments available for us to call the Abingdon store to see if they could see us. 

So we took Harley up to Abingdon and gave Harley a small check up to find out about the bleeding. Well after several tests came back positive, they couldn’t tell me what it was 100 percent. 

Well after the dr gave him a few chairs and making food started. 

They think Harley got a hold of my peanuts and instead of chewing it they just swallow it . Of course we don’t want that to happen.

We rushed Harley back to our vets to see if he can be scheduled anyways. They told us to bring him in to be seen. Nothing against the other vets but we like the 3 vets that we see all the time since he was a puppy. 

After that Harley was on 6 different meds to get better and stop the bleeding. Lucky for us we have banfields pet wellness plan that give u free office visits and free physicals and discounts on everything else u may need to purchase cause after the two visits,Tests and meds we only spent $200. 

Apparently those peanuts did a number on his stomach so no table food what so ever well until he is done taking his probiotics because I have to place chicken and some cheese in the bowl with the probiotics because it must tast aweful. Here are some photos of Harley taking his food and laying it on the floor. 

He is starting to feel like his self thanks god for that. 


Painting Garden Decor 🎨🎨

I was getting in my car the other day and noticed there are 4 houses for sale on my street and one is right next door. I just haven’t felt like doing much after work and basically let my garden go this year and needed to clean it out so our home can look nice when we have potential home buyers in the area. 

Here is what my garden decor looked after being in the sun for many years. 

I took out my paints and started painting my metal garden decor so I could brighten my front yard up some. 

Here are the pictures after I painted them. 


Order your Wine Glasses Today 

Hi here is a link to my etsy shop where u can purchase your personalized wine glasses.

Here are some photos of the creations I have made for other customers. 


Teeny Tiny House

Explore America with Kids

Tiny house 019

The sign read, “Tulsa’s First Tiny House”, how could I resist. I have been reading and watching videos about the tiny house movement for over a year now, and I was dying to step inside one for myself. The tiny house movement focuses on sustainability and living simply. I have down sized significantly over the last few years, partly out of needing to fit into a smaller space due to finances, and have learned to let go of a things I really didn’t need. I find that my 2 children and I live quiet comfortably in an 800 square foot house. Would the tiny home be a good solution when my oldest, who is 19 moves out? The home was built by a local company that also builds sheds. The home I viewed was fully furnished, and solidly made of wood. It smelled wonderful! There was a lot of cabinets…

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Help Defeat Homelessness With Tiny Homes!

The Power to be Happy

I absolutely love this particular city’s idea of helping with the homeless situation! In Oregon, the city of Eugene has created,  Opportunity Village Eugene,which is a nonprofit organization based in that city, that has a great plan to end homelessness.  They are building tiny homes and using donations to raise funds to help build each one of these homes.

I think every city should learn from this project and help do something about the homeless situation, especially in today’s economy, where it is not too-far fetched to have so many homeless people.  This project does not mean it is a permanent solution, but as the article below explains, it is a stepping-stone for those who need help “getting on their feet” again!

I am sure this concept has not only provided shelter for those who desperately need it, but has made many people happy and given them a new…

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