My Projects

I have been on several blogs and it has actually became very addicting and I have spent hours looking at some of the great ideas people have. I have a few to share with you and hopefully this will inspire you like it did me, I dont think I can organize anything else in my home ( If I bring one more bin home for organizing my husband my divorce me lol). Here are some of my inspirations and also what I have created myself to help me organize.

This picture I found online when I was looking around the blogs. Most of the items in this picture was purchased from the dollar store.

In the picture above these baskets are also from the dollar store and you can get in several colors. I have purchased a ton of these little baskets to help me organize the closets in the bathroom and pantry and my scrapbooking supplies. Again only $1.00 I decided to print out labels to tie on the baskets instead of using the key chains.

I printed out labels from the computer and punched a hole in the tag and tied them on the basket using ribbon. I wanted to take the labels over to the store to get laminated but never found the time, This may be an option so that the ink does not get messed up. I also purchased lime green baskets to organize my scrap booking supplies, and also some for paper products that i keep in the closet downstairs.


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