Upcycled treasures

I decided in the way home from work that I should stop by the local goodwills and thrift store to see if they had some things I have on my list of things to refurbish. I did find a chair that will look great once I refurbish it and pick a funky fabric. There are so many colors I could choose and it is so hard to pick a favorite one. I scored this find at goodwill for $8. I am still on a search for four matching chairs I can use in my dining room since the ones I have are getting beat up and have wicker in certain areas that can not be replaced.

As you can see my beagle Harley has to make sure I wasn’t around another dog lol the chair does not look to comfy so I am planning on changing the fabric and also adding a lot of padding. I will be using this chair to write blog posts and scrapbook so I will be sitting in that chair for hours so I am going all out to make it comfy. I am not sure what color I should paint it yet and if you have some suggestions it would be appreciated. My room is painted a gray color with a purple hue. My color theme on my desk and my closet organizers are lime green and pink. So excited to start this project and put the chair to good use. I will post updated pics of my finished chair very soon.


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