Weekend Trip to find goodies

I decided last week that I was going to finally drive out to pa to visit a friend and she was going to show me around town. We had a blast because she is into looking for antiques and treasures herself. First on the list was to go to a barn she knew about that had tons of furniture and other estate items. I took some pics of some of the items I found at the barn.

Above is one of the dressers I found and wanted to get just couldn’t fit it in the camry lol, or a place for it once I got it home. They had a few other types of dressers as well didn’t get to take pictures since I was so excited to be there.

I found these tables and buffets at the barn as well and really wanted to purchase the small buffet and really don’t k is why I didnt buy it, oh that’s right Julie told me there was a upstairs to the barn lol we were in heaven picking through this barn. I actually suggested to her we should just roll up on some of the other farms in the area and see if they had things we needed that they would sell to us like picker sisters. They also had a few piles of headboards and metal bed frames that u could use for various projects.


Above is a picture of various items in the barn for sale. I ended up getting some wall hangings that I have plans of repainting a brighter color and adding some decorative scrapbook paper to it. I finished one set that I will be posting for sale on my etsy shop at ahindle78.


We decided to go to the local salvation army and boy I was in heaven and this one was so big, clean and organized I will be planning another sat trip to pa again to stop past there again. I had so many things in my cart that also will be on my etsy shop soon. In our travels we stopped past a farmers market which had so many handmade desserts that we didn’t need to purchase. I dont think that is within my weight watchers points lol so I thought we may want to eat lunch in the cafe before we shopped since both of us picked up every dessert we seen. They had great food, local wines to taste and for sale, fresh fruits and veggies and flowers. The. It was time for me to go home and start unloading my trunk with what I had purchased. We had a great time and look forward in going back for another visit.

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