The Chair

I have been looking for months for wooden chairs for my home. I needed one for my desk and four for my dining room. I went to 3 goodwills and 1 thrift store in my area and always came out empty handed as far a chairs go I never would walk out of a goodwill with nothing lol. I finally found a chair for my desk that would work great and was so excited to give it a fresh coat of paint and new fabric.

This is a before picture of the chair when I brought it home of course Harley had to check it out first. I decided before I decided what color to paint the chair I would try and find some fabric that I liked at Joanns.




These are a few pictures of some of the fabrics I took pictures of while I was at Joanns. I left the store empty handed because I could not decide on a fabric for my chair. I know my color theme is lime green and pink on my desk and so are my organizers for my craft supplies in the closet but I didn’t known if i really wanted to put a bold fabric on my chair. Well of course my hubby liked them all and didn’t help me make a decision so I started thinking about the paint. I have always wanted to try the Annie sloans chalk paint but just don’t have that kind of money to spend on paint right now and then when reading a friends blog came across a recipe that she posted from another blogger on how to make chalky paint. So off to home depot I went to pick up my supplies to make the chalky paint.

Since I haven’t used Annie sloans paints before I really do not have anything to compare the homemade recipe to but seemed to be what everyone describes in the Annie sloans paint. I will have to post recipe and blog info on the next entry so everyone can check it out if they are interested. I like this recipe because you can choose many paint colors and I believe Annie sloans has about 24 colors only and since it is so expensive I know I would only be able to buy one color at a time, but the homemade recipe I can create multiple colors and for very cheap which is right up my ally.

I have not finished the chair yet but have painted it with the chalky paint and picked my fabric which matches great. See pictures below. Sneak peak


I can’t wait to get this project done and post more pictures for you to see. The fabric was from Joanne and was full of neutral colors and had butterflies on it as well and that has significance with my family ( my grandparents who both passed away 7 days apart two yrs ago we have a inside joke they are butterflies). I ended up getting the fabric on sale and using a coupon so it ended up costing $4.00 for the fabric which was awesome. Hope you like what I have done so far with my chair and I will post the chalky paint recipe and blog for you to see and use for your projects.


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