Fall decorations

I had fall decorations but after looking at them I decided I wanted to try something new.

When I was out at goodwill last week I came across this bright orange plate, I said to myself I know exactly what I am going to do with this and for $1 it was a deal.

Above is the picture of the orange plate prior to applying the vinyl I cut out on my cricut machine.

Above is the vinyl on my cricut mat I decided to use the stretch your imagination cartridge because it had a few fall options that I liked. I had to play around with the sizing because every option will cut out differently. I couldn’t decide on the fall tree or pumpkin so I showed my husband to get his opinion and he suggested using the fall tree.

Just a side note there are also cute Halloween options in this cartridge as well that I could have used for the plate but I wanted to keep it up all fall. If you decide to do a Halloween plate there was a spider and a pumpkin, if you wanted thanksgiving they had a cute turkey.

The goodwill had one or two more plates left I am going to go back to see if they are still there so I can make another plate to sell in my etsy shop. My shop is http://www.ahindle78.etsy.com

Above is the picture of the vinyl after I peeled the pieces off that I will be using I got this brown vinyl on sale at Walmart for $6 but recently found out after going to multiple walmarts not all stores have cricut items for sale. Just certain stores are not selling cricut items any longer.


Above are two pictures on how to apply vinyl. You could save money and just apply the vinyl yourself if you are good at it, I used the transfer paper it is easier for me and if u have words or shapes that are very thin without the transfer paper it tends to get tangled up. So it is worth the cost of the transfer paper which I have used several times and still haven’t used a whole sheet.

I peeled my transfer tape off after pressing my vinyl down with a wooden depressor to make sure all parts would be on the plate. I took my plate downstairs and placed it into the plate stand to display my crafty work and seen I had another project I could use as part of my fall decorations. I had painted a candlestick that was an ugly green color,

As you can see it was multiple colors so I decided to paint it gray. I also had come across a large glass hurricane holder so yesterday afternoon I had glued them together. So when I came downstairs I said I know let me grab my black candle and add the candy corns I have left from another project and display this right next to my orange fall plate

Above is finished display for fall I think little is more so this puts a small touch of fall into our home.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Green, Baby! Designs
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 13:54:47

    LOVE the plate! Very cute for fall! I have been toying with purchasing a cricut and this project inspires me to start looking in earnest! ;o)


  2. studio35photography
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 15:43:36

    Do you have a special cricut machine that cuts vinyl? I have the cricut expression and I didn’t know if mine would cut vinyl…


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