Productive thrifty day

Ok so yesterday I decided to take a trip to the local thrift store after work. Somedays I find so many items and some days nothing, haven’t decided if I like the thrift store or goodwill better yet. Each time I go to either store it is hit or miss. Anyways I always take a tour of the furniture section just in case the piece that I am looking for is there waiting for me. Well last night was a bust and to tell you the truth I hav noticed with in the last few months the prices at both have went up a lot some items to me it would be easier to buy new. I found this teal piece and they wanted $50 for it I just dont have the space or need for this item but thought it was cute and I would share it win you.

This piece had some areas that needed tlc and maybe a fresh coat of paint and distressing. I start finding items that I had been looking for and of course no price tag I put it in my Cary anyways cause some cashiers will make up a price and sell the item and some will not and say their is no manager to ask so u end up putting them back. Yesterday was my lucky day and also she rang up some of my items cheaper. I love the thrift store cause they always have colors tags that will be an additional 50% off. I wish the goodwill gave discounts on items.

Here are some if my finds from the thrift store that I will be creating, painting and posting to my etsy shop and hopefully it sells.


Above is a picture of another vanity tray I purchased and could not wait to get home I had forgotten I had purchase a lavender color that I wanted to paint this tray. I figured I have antique white, pinks, teals and now purple. I already painted the tray and it is in the shed as we speak drying.

I got this egg basket for $1.00 not bad and undecided with if I should leave it be or paint it.

This is a antique basket just looking for the right candle stick to pair it up with or you could leave it just as it is and use it on your desk at home to hold certain items.

These are some cute short candlesticks that I will use something I am sure of that. I try to get a small amount completed so I can atleast post every other day to keep up with my sales.

The next item I found was a cheese platter sitting all alone waiting for meant for both of to be here.

I also got some tins in various sizes for organizing items or in our case dog food canisters and your food won’t become stale from just rolling up the bag and leaving it. I could go on forever but I am exhausted and ready for bed since I was up most of the night last night


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Farmerette
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 13:41:33

    Wonder if we were at the same thrift store!? LOL. Nice blog look btw:) We must be related, or just the same taste! Nice to meet you!

    The Farmerette


  2. mrscherylj
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 17:43:19

    I love it! I discovered a great antiques store near my home today and this post got my creative juices flowing. Thanks!


  3. theunforeseeablefuture
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 15:25:51

    Love those items! I have a hard time saying no to a good buy too, and you are right, so many things have gone up in price lately! But I keep hunting!!


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