Repurposed Baby Formula Containers

After seeing many containers being reused for all kinds of things from pencil holders to kitchen utensil holders I figured that i would ask some of my friends for their formula containers. I was thinking the round metal containers but y friend said that wasn’t what she had when she brought in the containers I knew I would be able to do something with them.

Above is a picture of the original containers she brought in for me. It has a easy snap type lid, so I got started right away with picking out some scrapbook paper for the containers. I have a lot of paper so this was a cheap easy project.

I decided instead of priming and painting the container so that I could choose other color options I just picked paper that would match the purple lid so I would be able to skip that step. I can’t wait for my friend to give me more of these because I think I will make some black and white ones for my scrapbook room.

I choose the paper and measured and cut out the pieces. I used a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper. This will cover the front and the sides of the container an you will have to cut a smaller piece to finish the back portion of the container. I used my mod podge to glue paper onto container and fuse the pieces of paper together on the back.

The uses or these containers are endless. You could store your Childs crayons or small toys. Make into a first aid kit for the car or home. I am not sure what I will use these for and if anyone has ideas please comment below and let me know looking for ideas for my classroom and for my home.



Here are some of the pictures of the completed project.




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