Pre-Order Your Wine & Beer Glass Today

Hello Everyone, I have been so busy with work and my little part time business on etsy at ahindle78 that I haven’t had a free minute to spare to write some blogs but today I am hoping to change that this will be one of many to follow.

I sold so many wine glasses and beer mugs and was totally surprised at how well it took off. I am offering to make more since the Baltimore ravens are doing so well I am sure orders will e pouring in again. I also have some left that just need to be personalized which if u email me I can tell you which colors I still have available and at $10 what a deal.

This makes a great wedding gift to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. I also have smaller versions that can be personalized for the ring bearer and flower girls for $8.00.

I am requesting that anyone who may be interested let me know by email which colors because I will be placing an order tonight and would love I have all the colors u may need for your customized glasses. Thanks

Above is a picture of the children’s wine glasses that were made for a customer at Xmas

Above is another set boy and girl versions of the smaller glasses I made for my cousins

Above are some premade glasses in several different colors that are waiting to be personalized and mailed to your home.

My favorite glasses the baltimore ravens theme style glasses in purple and black and the best selling but you can still order you just might love the colors purple and black lol

Above are my Christmas/ holiday themed glasses that can be personalized or have the saying ho ho ho. I have two of these left get them for next year makes a great gift

I will be starting pre orders ASAP thru my etsy shop and coming up in the next few months valentines glasses and also march madness basketball glasses and mugs


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