Personalized Wine Glasses

I have a few more pictures of some new styles and colors of glasses I made for customers but prior to shipping I took some pics so I can share on my blog.

To purchase your glasses please go to my etsy shop at

Hope you like them.

The above picture is a Baltimore ravens theme of purple and black.


Above is a orange and navy blue color to show there team spirit.

The above picture is in gold, silver, white, and black great for new years, weddings etc but has an additional charge per glass due to using gold and silver metallic.

Above I made as part of the quarter auction gift basket for the church. Baltimore ravens theme in beer pilsner glasses in purple and black colors.

Baltimore ravens theme beer mugs which I also made as part of a gift basket for the quarter auction and is $12 per mug and is very heavy.

The purple and black wine glasses in a ravens theme was also made as part of another gift basket for the quarter auction.

The quarter auction is on sat night and can’t wait to see how the event goes I will be a vendor for thirty one as well as my wine glasses and gift baskets. Will fill u in more on sun with the results.


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