Crafty Home Ideas

Well I have been on pinterest again and there is so many great ideas on that site and keeps me up at night if I only had all the time and money to complete all the projects and ideas I have from pinterest. I have completed several projects and want to complete more soon maybe over my summer break which is July 4 th week.

Here are some pics I seen today that I wanted to pass along and I am not sure all the websites these came from so I apologize in advance for not mentioning your names.

The photo above is such a great idea turn the washer lid into a dry erase board so that u know which items not to put into dryer. I really need to do this because my husband never remembers when I tell him not to put certain items in the dryer lol sometimes I forget as well so this would help me as well.

Now I think this will give my kitchen the boost of color it needs and if I change decor and colors in the future just repaint. This is a cool idea

The above picture is plate holders holding scrapbooks. I love this idea and I see plate holders in the goodwill all the time even if it isn’t a color I need I can spray paint them to match the decor. I just hope they will hold my heavy scrapbooks lol this way if someone comes over and I want to show them my books I can just grab them off the wall instead of making a mess in my office or closet where they are stored.

I have several milk glass bowls and planters in my etsy shop just like the ones in this picture and this is such a cute idea for my desk not that I have the room for all that so I will keep them on my etsy shop and hopefully some one will see this idea and want to purchase the ones I have lol.

I figured I would share some of the things I liked in pinterest today that website is so addicting.
I will be back soon with more pics and commentary on pinterest pictures and ideas I come across. I want to update my bedroom decor so stay tuned.

My etsy shop is and my website for thirty one gifts is


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  1. happylittlekiwi
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 21:17:50

    cool ideas! love the milk glass bowls.. now i am tempted to head over to the etsy shop lol! 🙂


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