My Beagle Harley

I have heard from many followers they want to see and hear more about Harley and trust me not a day goes by without a funny story to tell about Harley.

Harley has a nickname “Hollywood Harley” he got this nick name from a lady that works at his doggie daycare.

Why because when Harley was younger I entered him into every photo contest I could and he actually won first place for a $250 gift card which I picked to be at his daycare lol I didn’t even know he won till my mom called one day and said her friends were at the pet expo at the fairgrounds and see Harleys picture and that he won.

He was a pet gazette winner yeaaaaa!!
Here are a few pictures of Hollywood Harley



Can u find the beagle hiding in this picture?


It’s my birthday I love my birthday bandana that my mom puts on me every year.


I know there’s rabbits under here somewhere lol

I caught Harley with my flip flop at the top of the steps lol


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. dragonflyquiltworks
    Jul 21, 2012 @ 21:41:05

    Harley is adorable!


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