Gratitude List


Posted by Rebecca

I’ve seen this a few times, in books and emails….  Write out a list of everything you are grateful for in your family, relationship, career, home, etc.  I’ve always thought it was a great idea.  It’s easy to see the flaws in all of these areas of our lives, but if we learn to focus on the positive stuff, and what we are grateful for, we may start to see our life in a different light.  Just give it a try!

This is my Gratitude List for my home:

–  Natural Light.  I have 18 windows in my tiny home.  So many that I have covered a few up with furniture.  But many still remain.  This makes my home sunny and cheerful everyday!

–  The Size.  I love the size of my home.  It is perfect for me!  Not too much or too little space, but still enough room…

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