Saturday Morning

This morning there is a community yard sale since my husband has my car to get items I fix his work van, I should get started and get in the shower and take my lazy beagle for a walk around the neighborhood to see what goodies I can find lol. Harley usually is full of energy but I took him to doggies daycare yesterday to get his energy out because we will be leaving for a wedding tonight and when we are out late he gets a little mad because he is so use to us always being at home with him. Can you say spoiled dog lol

See how lazy Harley is being lol

Anyways I wanted to share a few custom orders I made for customers recently. You can check out and purchase on my etsy shop at
like my Facebook page as well at and pass along to your friends as well.

Here are some pictures of the glasses
Recently made

These glasses are in lilac/lavender/white and mint/white


These glasses are lime/teal and baby blue/ yellow

Colors are bright yellow/red and next glass is hot pink/ burgundy

Picture above is lavender/yellow and pink/dark gray

Great organizing utility tote personalized and stuffed with scrapbook goodies this makes a great gift.

Well time to get started and take Harley for our walk thru community yard sale
Have a nice weekend


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