Photography props

This post is a little late but better late then never. I wanted to start collecting some photography props and get a little further in to learning my camera and more about photography and photoshop editing when ever I have a spare minute of course.

My etsy shop is really busy for holiday orders oct- dec so when I will have time to learn extra I have no clue. But I have several friends who are currently pregnant and I am so exited my friend has wanted a baby for so long and has has trouble and when she met the best man ever besides my husband of course lol she explored more into her fertility options it was expensive but I can finally say she is expecting and she totally deserves it. I am so glad she is getting everything she finally deserves and to see her this happy is a joy.

With that being said we haven’t a clue at this point what she will have so since I wanted to get a collection together anyways of props I of course started browsing etsy to see what the new trends were etc. I am not sure how new this trend is but I have been seeing alt of photography and props for maternity shots and maternity sashes. I haven’t had a baby but I can tell u I am not sure if I would expose my belly for a photo opportunity and if u know me I will always be down for a photo opportunity lol

I came across a few shops and these lovely ladies made maternity sashes for me to use in my photos. If it were up to me I would have all bright girly colors its just what I am drawn to lol, I am not saying that the boys theme sashes are ugly but even for my clothes I am drawn to pinks, purples, teals and black I need to incorporate more color into my personal clothing, I am a medical assistant instructor and I can tell you my work scrubs are very colorful with my matching sneakers lol the students love to see what color shoes I will have on I tell them hey I am in scrubs more then regular clothes I just have to match lol

Anyways back to the topic at hand maternity sashes I had to find some boyish styles and colors as well for the expecting mother who may be having a boy. I wanted a blue but also some other colors as well pink and blue are always a given I like to be the person to change it up from the standard or at least incorporate some other colors to those basic baby colors everyone else chooses for your children’s outfits lol.

So I contacted Elizabeth from The Pickled Peanut on etsy and she made a maternity sash for me and she can custom design on for you in the colors you choose just ask her if she has the colors available and if you already have children she has such cute hair bows and headbands as well. Check out her shop
and on etsy look up the pickled peanut and hopefully Elizabeth has something for you if not ask her she will make a custom listing.
Here is a picture of the maternity sash I got from Elizabeth oh and u can wear this as a headband too lol




This last picture is the one I purchased in a few shades of teal I figured this could be used for either gender. The photos were taken from Elizabeth’s shop I believe some of these photos were taken by Marlis Photography and some by Elizabeth herself I wanted to make sure everyone gets there credit lol I am not like some others out there that steal photos and try to use them as there own. To contact Marlis Photography the Facebook page Elizabeth has listed in her etsy listings is check them out too they may be near your home town. Hope you like the photos and as soon I get up with my friends with all our hectic schedules I will take some photos and post on my blog.

Also take a look at my shop I am always adding new items at
Also stop past and like my Facebook page at I add photos all the time and sometimes daily it takes me some time to post to my blog.

Happy Shopping


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  1. countingdownfromzero
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 19:38:43

    Beautiful shots, I love the maternity one 🙂


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