Harley the beagle

I was off work on fri and it was such a nice day here in Maryland. I let Harley outside and as I was sitting on the sofa I seen him jump up on the chair on the deck and he just laid down and chilled in the sun lol. Here are some pictures




This picture is my favorite and when I posted on Facebook my mom reported this pic with the caption saying Harley just chillin in the sun, mom thinks I am relaxing but grandmom thinks he is planning his next hunting trip lol. My mom is right and if u didn’t hear I usually have rabbits under our deck year after year and Harley goes into OCD trying to hunt them down those poor babies I know the mom is quick enough to get away but the babies are not always so lucky. I wish these rabbits would be smart enough to say hey let’s take up shop under the neighbors deck because there is a beagle that hunts us in this yard but they are not and keep coming back lol luckily it must not be breeding time for them cause I haven’t seen that many right now. Just those nasty stink bugs that are out of control it’s like they want to fly around bumping into you because it is the end of summer lol

I go outside and they are on my car everywhere, they are flying around flying directly at your face, some how they get into the house and I have to kill them. If Harley sees them he tries to eat them I don’t know what diseases bugs carry so I try to discourage him from eating them lol

Dogs they are so crazy and smart lol
Here are some older pics I took of Harley too I would like to share .






3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Intricate Knot
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 19:18:25

    I love Harley! Awesome photos.


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