DIY candlesticks

This is a great idea especially since I am having a hard time finding things that are purple for my holiday decor.

Some Kind of Lovely Ride

Here’s a quick little DIY craft I completed while enjoying a viewing of my all-time favorite Christmas movie, The Muppet Christmas Carol. I watch it two or three times every year, and it truly never gets old. I love me some Muppets.

Anyway, I already had these white taper candles & Martha Stewart’s Yellow Gold Metallic Finish craft paint on hand. (Same paint that I used on my stenciled photo books.)

I taped off stripes using masking tape, eyeballing the spaces – cause who’s perfect anyway?

I needed to apply several coats of paint to get a nice gold sheen.

I held my breath while taking off the tape- but it worked out!

I got a kick out of popping these dollar-store tapers into my beautiful new Mercury Glass Candlesticks from Pottery Barn (wedding gift- thanks Anthony, I know you’re reading! 🙂

How’s that for a quick Muppet-movie-watching craft?…

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