Cute coffee table upcycled

Crafty Maddi

– Used Coffee Table: $7
– Sanding Sponges: $9
– Spray Paint, Clear Coat and Primer: $11
– Pin Striping and Vinyl Flower: Free!
Total Cost: $27

Coffee Table Before and After

I am doing this whole retro/beach theme in my new apartment and I am in love with this surfboard coffee table, however I don’t have $400 lying around to buy it. So when I saw this little black coffee table on Craigslist for $7 I knew I had to have it. Craigslist is my best friend for cheap used stuff.  It was a great shape and the PERFECT size for my tiny living room. It was old, had lots of dings and even had “Nick was here” carved into the wood veneer (thanks a lot Nick!)

Step One: Sanding. I positively hate sand paper, so when I saw these nifty sanding sponges at Home Depot. I decided to give them…

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