I would love to have this!!!

I keep seeing commercials and seeing other bloggers pictures of their offices and always see that there is a neat desk scanner on their desk. Oh I am so jealous because as soon as I seem this commercial a few years ago I wanted this machine to add to my organized home. My husband has tons of paperwork as he owns his own business which is located in our spare room and with that comes several file cabinets I could do without. I hate the file cabinets and the way they look and can someone remind me again why we have to keep all this paperwork.

I have a cabinet for personal paperwork, paperwork for husbands business then cabinets for my business and for my work certifications and continuing education I need for work. It adds up to alot of paper I could live without.

It always seems that things get piled on top of the file cabinets as well. Again I wish I had the money to purchase this neat desk scanner or maybe try to win on from another blogger having a giveaway or something. That would be nice. If anyone sees a giveaway for this scanner please let me know or if u work for neat desk and can give me one for free to blog about would be great to. Lol that would happen only in my dreams.

Here is a picture of the scanner I am sure if u have been up in the middle of the night u have seen the commercial for this lol



So if u are one of the lucky ones to already own one of these scanners please leave feedback on how you like your machine or helpful tips thanks


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