Stenciled Canvas Bulletin Boards


I spend a lot of time in my craft studio. Even when I’m not making things, I just like to hang out there. I keep all of my supplies there and display a lot different medium on walls and shelves so I can get inspired. Formally a bland study, the studio is only 6 months old–we’re just about to start eating solid foods. I try to keep the space as organized as possible while maintaining a relaxed, cheery environment that’s bursting with color. Over the last couple months, I’ve noticed a real need for a place to display clippings, notes, pictures, and other bits of paper so they won’t accidentally get thrown out. A regular old corkboard just wouldn’t do. I started rummaging around and came across a few matching canvas frames. With a little decoration and some engineering, I knew they would become the perfect bulletin board triptych. To…

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