Ideas for your milk glass

As you know I have a etsy shop at and I sell vintage, antique, Upcycled items and personalized wine glasses and gifts.
I have several vintage items still for sale in my shop and as I was spending hours on Pinterest cause it is so addicting I found a few pictures of some ideas that u can use for milk glass. Make sure u swing past my etsy shop and take a look at what I have it may be something u are looking for or need.
I am not sure where these photos came from to give them credit and I did not take these pics that I am using.
Enjoy happy decorating

You can use a long rectangle dish to store stationary or mail.

You can store your makeup brushes etc



Milk glass can be used in your craft room to store thread or as a candy dish.


Add some vintage charm to your home or office and add some plants, flowers or succulents to your milk glass vases.




Use at parties and displays

Use your vases and bowls to decorate and organize your jewelry.
Again be sure to stop past my etsy shop to see what’s new

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