Thrifting Trials and Tribulations

Goodwill thrifting trip

Goodwill Hoarding

Last week’s thrifting adventures ended up less than successful. Return trips to both the South Everett and Downtown Everett Goodwills turned up a big fat NADA. Some good stuff tempted me. I decided to leave them on the shelves for some other deserving customer. I took some pictures for memories:

My depression began with this super awesome Ivy Cinderella bowl which belongs to a chip and dip set. $12.99. Someone looking to complete their set will be very happy to find this.

The tears welled up at the sight of this abused Amish Butterprint Cinderella bowl which I desperately need to complete my set. But it was too far gone.

Then this Daisy too! Who does this?

I put them together on the shelf. They should spent their last days together.

This little guy lifted my spirits:

I spotted some great dishes in the Downtown Everett Goodwill housewares section:

Pyrex tea cups

While these great…

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