Some pictures I took of Harley my beagle🐶🐶

I always take pictures of my beagle not that he enjoys it lol. I have to take pics during the day when the lighting is right because I turn off my flash because he has seizures and I don’t want to cause one from taking pics of him like i did when I first got my phone years ago.
I didn’t realize just how bright the flash on my phone was and felt so bad.


These pics were taken when I got home from work yesterday.
The next few pics are of Harley looking out the window it’s funny cause the ledge is just the right height when he is standing for him to rest his head on and look out for something to bark at. Oh maybe I should say howl at lol ! If u have owned a beagle u know what I am talking about and how sometimes that howl just goes right thru u. I can say if anyone gets near my house he barks great watch dog.






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