Harley has such a bad life. (NOT) He has it so good and doesn’t even know it. He has a internal clock so that no one in our home will forget to feed him and if we forget what time it is he comes right over to alert us that it is past feeding time and he is hungry lol.

He is so funny and set in his ways and let me tell u he knows what u are asking him to do but will not do it unless he wants to or better yet it involves him getting a treat lol. I didn’t realize beagles were this hard but wouldn’t trade it for the world and now that Harley is 7 and I know what to expect I wouldn’t get any other breed of dog. Yes Harley has seizures but I am glad he is with us cause he could be with a family who doesn’t understand it. He has had them since he was 2 and is 7 now. He doesn’t have them often which is great and they have no idea what causes them but I do see that sometimes when he jumps up quickly after being asleep he will have one.

Anyways let’s get back to his great life of sleeping and playing and getting treats and not a worry about anything. Not like us humans that have tons to worry about and have to work and can’t stay in bed all day.

Here are some pics of my spoiled baby.










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