The House IKEA & Target Built


Have you ever looked around your house and noticed you only seem to shop at one or two stores? Have you ever been in a friend’s house and knew precisely where she bought this and that? If you walked in my house, you’d soon realize I’ve spent some time in IKEA and Target. Since I’m a trained designer, I find this a bit embarrassing. I would much rather someone walk into my house and exclaim, “where did you find that?”

If my house actually looked like an IKEA or Target ad, it probably wouldn’t seem so bad, but most of the time my house looks like my son’s room.

IKEA Collage

My son’s bed, desk, and bookshelf all come from IKEA. I also have the ubiquitous IKEA Expidit shelving units. One of them I’ve set up as a bench. You see the popular Hemnes dresser everywhere, probably because it is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. I haven’t…

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