Lazy Beagle🐶🐶

Our beagle just doesn’t know how lucky he is. Lol when I walked into my bedroom last week to grab one last item I needed for work. I had to take out my phone and take this pic lol. He is under my electric blanket and another blanket and using my body pillow. Somehow I have a king size bed with four pillows on each side and he always picks my side, lucky me! Hubby gets to sleep in peace with no beagle on his head or a paw in his face in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t have it any other way but it does my make body ache in the morning because I wake up in some weird positions thanks to our beagle who pushes me down till my feet hang over the bed lol. I am sure many dog owners have this same problem I couldn’t imagine having a larger dog in bed with these issues lol



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