Harley with his new chew toy🐶🐶

I wanted to get Harley something for Easter and then remembered a friend told me to get him a antler. I was a little afraid of that seems like a very hard item to chew on. I went to petsmart the other day to get Harley’s dog food since he is on rx food I can only get it there. As myself and hubby walked around the store hoping that we would find something for Harley to keep him busy for more then 5 min, I remembered my friend telling me her two dogs love them and spend hours chopping on them well they are very expensive like 24 each for Harley’s size.
Today I was in Marshall’s and they had one for $5 it was just a bit smaller then the one for his size but still big enough I knew he wouldn’t swollow it. I would suggest everyone watch their dogs when they have the antler.
I got it out of the bag and gave it to Harley he ran over to the landing to check it out. I don’t think he liked it at first it looked like he wanted to say this is a little hard don’t you think lol. Anyways as time went on he took it over to his bed and chewed on it for a very long time. We will see as the days go on how he likes it. Here is a pic of him on his bed chewing the antler.




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