Kitchen Countertops Updated Ideas on a Budget!

I have some pretty bad photos on Pinterest of kitchen countertops and I must say mine are not really that bad compared to them lol. I just need a change that is within my budget and easy. I was thinking about the rustoleum kitchen countertop paint, then I seen Gianni countertop paint and really liked that concept as well.
While on Pinterest I cam across the concrete countertop and it looked easy but I just want to find out how to make my countertop durable and have a protective coat so I don’t have to reapply the countertop paint or concrete.

I really wish I could get granite. My kitchen isn’t even that big but with a project like that I would have to get hubby involved.

My question to you is: 1. What methods have you used on your countertops? 2. What clear coat holds up the best? Please leave your comments below

Thanks everyone happy remodeling

Here are some photos I had of concrete countertops not sure what sites these pics came from I got them on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest and the DIY network.






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