Day 17 – Organize Your Reusable Containers

Lite for Life Living

As many of you know, preparation & organization are key contributors to successful long-term weight loss.

In our grab-and-go world, the ability to make whole foods (such as the ones you focused on eating yesterday!) easily accessible is an art form, with the reusable container as your main medium.

For today’s challenge, we urge you to recommit to the practice of preparation by organizing your tools, (i.e. your reusable containers) and using them!

In the spirit of spring cleaning, take some time today to get your collection of reusable containers organized… and maybe even prepare your food for tomorrow while you are at it!

If you don’t have a good collection of reusable containers, this might be a good time to go out an replenish & rejuvenate your collection.

Use reusable containers to prepack salads, cut up veggies & fruits, pre-measured lean proteins, frozen soups, & last nights’ dinner for…

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