32 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Bit Cooler

Excellence at Home

I am currently in the stage of summer where I’m Googling things like “Cost of a Swimming Pool”, “Cost of a SMALL Swimming Pool”, “DIY Swimming Pool”, “Can I Dig a Swimming Pool By Hand?” I’ll summarize my findings: we will not be getting a swimming pool this year. Well, except for this one:

photo (10)

That is an actual picture of the kiddie pool in my yard. I KNOW.

So, I obviously don’t have money for a real swimming pool, but I really do need to stay cool this summer! Someone sent me this link of 32 Cheap and Easy Backyard Ideas that had some great solutions that would look significantly less trashy than my current Wilting Kiddie Pool setup.

My favorites are this Blob, which looks so fun,

this splash pad, which is way cheaper than a pool, and much safer for small kids,

and, since I’m not really ready…

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