Planning Vacation during Funday Sunday πŸ·πŸŒžπŸΆπŸ‘«

I spent sunday planning and trying to choose our vacation that we will be taking in a few months. We opened up to more locations so that we would have several options within our budget.

Here is some pics of the resort


I wouldn’t have picked Mexico as our first place to travel but I am loving the cheaper prices. Bryan and I haven’t been away in a few years and we deserve it 100%.

It is so nice to spend family time with hubby and the dog. Harley has to always be around one of us but most of the time he follows me lol
He spent most of the day napping and at one point even stole my chair when I got up lol




Once it got darker out I got a chance to test out my dollar store color changing candle in my pink candle holder. Here are some pictures of this cute candle. I need to go back to the dollar store to get more.

Here is some additional photos






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