MOD PODGE FUN…. for the classroom!


Okay…. my newest addiction is Mod Podge. I am finding so many fun things to do with it! I may need an intervention SOON!  It started with some trash… yes, trash! Check it out….


So, I had two cans (one big from enchiladas and one smaller from corn), a tall box from Nature Valley bars, and an old Christmas gift box. I found some pretty scrap booking paper ($5.00 at Walmart), ribbon, paint, and the infamous Mod Podge! The paper coordinated nicely with the fabric I had bought for the pillows, curtains, and benches in my classroom.

So, this led way to my obsession with Mod Podge. It is very easy to use… and such an easy way to jazz everything up! I ended up making clip boards for my guided reading area…

clip boards

I will tie some ribbons around the clip portion… I’ll repost them once they are in my guided reading area!  So, as I sat…

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