💜💙👟 Electric Run Baltimore

We have planned to do our first 5k a few months ago and we picked the electric run. I got a deal on groupon for two tickets and upgraded tech tee for $95. I thought it would be cool since I love wearing neon and glow bracelets lol.

We decided to head to a local pub near the stadiums called pickles pub they have a great crab pretzel by the way. Then it was time to meet our friends and get the race started.

Thank goodness I paid extra to get our packets sent to us because the lines were very large and they had to pay extra for that as well which was crazy. Some said that once they got up there it was all over the place and not organized at all. I noticed there wasn’t much organization at the starting line either.

We had a good time but if anyone asked me if I would pay next year to go to the race I would say no thanks. I was disappointed in the fact there wasn’t many decorations as they show on their website. I understand each venue is a little different but the decorations were spread out and it looked very thrown together really. I was expecting a lot more tunnels and lights. I am thinking maybe the venues that offer the race for two days like dc and New York maybe have more decorations but have never been so I am not sure. Anyways here is some pictures of the electric run race in Baltimore.



I am also glad the weather in Baltimore was great last sat night it was low 80’s and no rain whoooo hoooo.












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