DIY Closet System

Clueless DIY Decor

Ever since I had my own place I always wanted a closet room dedicated just to my makeup, clothes, and anything I felt like. Pretty much a huge walk in closet full of pretty things. When Max and I first moved in together into our apartment we got a two bedroom. We each had our own plans for the spare bedroom and it quickly turned into a mixture of nail polish, real live snakes (Max went through a reptile phase once), high heels, band posters,  an office/desk station and Army gear storage.

So it was a no brainer while we were house hunting that we needed a minimum of 3 bedrooms so we could each have a space of our own to do what we pleased.

I’ve posted random pictures of what I’ve done to my closet room on social media and it never fails that I get questions or…

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