Hatching a Plan to Live Small

the self-styled life

After sharing a room with my older sister, I moved into my very own room when I was about 5. It was a glorified closet. I picked out the wallpaper border myself at Gervic’s paint store–light blue with a repeating scene of a castle, rainbow, and unicorns. My dad custom-built a loft bed that tucked into one end of the roughly 6′ x 9′ space. There were built-in shelves for my clothing underneath the bed and space for a little desk. There was also a small nook in the wall at the opposite end of the room–space taken from underneath the landing of the stairs that went up to the attic. It was a tiny room, but it was awesome.

Perhaps my love of tiny spaces blossomed in that first bedroom. I’ve always admired the Tumbleweed House company (mentioned here before.) The ingenuity of the space utilization–built-ins, multipurpose furniture, loft sleeping, minimalism–it inspires me!…

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