Playtime with Harley πŸΆπŸΎπŸΆπŸΎ

The weather was nice on wed and I had a training for work and got home a little late so Harley wasn’t to happy and had a lot of energy so since the weather was so nice we spent a few hours outside. Harley loves hunting for rabbits that for what ever reason like to keep going under our deck.
I actually saved ones life yesterday, Harley kept sniffing the deck boards and was ocd about it and figured nothing is ever there when I look between the boards e just knows the rabbit has been there that day lol well I took a look and jumped back a little I didn’t expect a little rabbit eye to be starring back at me lol. I think when I jumped back and Harley moved a bit the rabbit got scarred so he took off under the shed and so did Harley luckily for the rabbit he went under the side that is to small for Harley to fit and by the time Harley ran to other side the rabbit had taken off under the gate door and was safe lol.
Here are some pics of prior to the excitement.






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