As wood is getting scarcer, wooden furniture is becoming more expensive, sought after and valuable.  Recycled pallet furniture is a creative, earth-friendly, and inexpensive way to add some wood to your decor.

At the same time there is a trend towards a simpler lifestyle and bringing natural materials like wood back into the home. Alot of people salvage these materials from shipyards, buildings, barns and factories and “upcycle” it (another buzz word) into beautiful furniture.

This post was inspired by a pinteresting board by 1001 Pallets on Pinterest.  They have also created an entire blog based on creative diy projects made from recycled/repurposed pallets.  This is a very cool site.  Visit 1001 Pallets for more. Follow 1001 Pallets on Pinterest.

Porch swing made from repurposed pallets. Genius idea. [via]

DIY hanging pallet for garden organization. [via]

Pallet as optimized habitat…