Dingy White Plates? Fix them!

The Snarky Home

Do you have white tableware?

If so, you have probably come across the phenomenon of dingy plates, or even worse, grey streaks showing up on your plates. It’s not pretty and they’ve driven my mom crazy over the years as no amount of washing would get them out.

When Chris bought his house, he had nothing besides a couple of pots and a bedroom suite (which means lots of shopping and DIY projects for my mom and me, woo!) so he did some digging at yard sales and found a great set of white dishes for a great price.

Sadly, they were covered in those nasty grey streaks (mostly silverware marks). My mother couldn’t stand seeing her son’s plates looking like that (even though hers at home were the same), and we set out on a journey to find a solution.

And we did.

Look! It works!              …

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