Glow Stick Lanterns

My Fair Olinda

Glow Stick Lanterns #diy #summertime #masonjars #project #party

Theses are the perfect DIY project for an evening event or party. I made them a few years ago to line the sidewalk for Halloween. This time I tried three different versions with slightly varying results.

For the blue lantern I used three big glow sticks. To completely fill a  jar it would take about ten! If you want to fill the jar up with water you can, but you need to use a lot of glow sticks so it doesn’t dilute them too much. What I haven’t really figured out yet is how to get the liquid to stick to the sides of the jar. Even when you add water the glow stick liquid doesn’t mix well with the water because it’s too oily.

For my second lantern adding glitter to the sides of the jar seemed to really help diffuse the glow. I used four pink necklaces for…

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