DIY Home Decor: Mason Jar Madness

lustrous living blog

Clutter! Its one thing I absolutely cannot stand; it drives me to insanity and nearly causes mental breakdowns. I’m constantly looking for affordable ways to avoid clutter throughout my home. Although, not everyone becomes as extremely irritated when it comes to clutter as I do; it’s still a relief to find easy ways to avoid it.

While walking through an aisle of our local Walmart Store a few months ago I noticed adorable Mason Jars spread along a shelf. Who doesn’t love a cute little mason jar? Whether it’s to use as a cup for your ice water or to hold your toothbrush; you can never say no to a Mason Jar. I feel as if they add such character and a bit of “shabby chic” to any environment. After noticing these jars and having them circle throughout my brain for a few days, I took my curiosity to…

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