Electric Run Baltimore πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ

This weekend was the Baltimore electric run. This was the first 5k/ fun run I have ever done before. I had signed up months ago and was looking forward to wearing all the neon items I have collected over the last month.

The dollar store had tons of glow bracelets, necklaces etc and around the Fourth of July target and walmart had some very cute items I picked up.

When I received the packet in the mail from the electric run they gave us a set of glow in the dark eyeglasses, an a led bracelet that blinks which was cool and also our tee shirts. We got an upgraded tech tee because we signed up with a groupon. I rather have a dry fit shirt then a tshirt.

When we arrived at the race I was thankful I had paid a little extra to ship our packets cause the line was long and very crowded and from what I have seen on Facebook not organized at all. The last wave of runners was suppose to be at 9:45 pm but I am sure that didn’t happen due to the amount of people we were released after 10pm.

Anyways we started our walk and actually lost my friends so me and hubby decided to jog and walk the rest of the way. I was disappointed in the amount of neon/ led decorations they had through out the run. If u go to there website it looks like several tunnels and a lot of glow in the dark and led lights everywhere but not as much here in Baltimore. Maybe the races that are two days long like dc and New York will have more decorations. It was fun but as for doing this run again I think I will pass.

They also sent out emails and said that fitbit was a sponsor of the race and that we got a discount but never put a discount code up so that anyone from the race could get a discount. I emailed fitbit through Facebook and they were really friendly and even responded on a Sunday. I do need to contact there customer service center and get the code etc I guess I am not the only one asking this question.

Here are some pics from the run.














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