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The sign read, “Tulsa’s First Tiny House”, how could I resist. I have been reading and watching videos about the tiny house movement for over a year now, and I was dying to step inside one for myself. The tiny house movement focuses on sustainability and living simply. I have down sized significantly over the last few years, partly out of needing to fit into a smaller space due to finances, and have learned to let go of a things I really didn’t need. I find that my 2 children and I live quiet comfortably in an 800 square foot house. Would the tiny home be a good solution when my oldest, who is 19 moves out? The home was built by a local company that also builds sheds. The home I viewed was fully furnished, and solidly made of wood. It smelled wonderful! There was a lot of cabinets…

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  1. Carol Loves to Travel
    Jul 30, 2015 @ 15:01:01

    Thanks for the reblog! I love the tiny house movement. It seems like we waste so much money and energy on “things” we really don’t need. I would rather put the money towards travel instead. The only drawback to a tiny home here in Oklahoma are the high straight winds and tornadoes, as the tiny homes are built on trailers. So if I had a tiny home here, I would need a very close shelter in case of storms. We had so many tornadoes here this year, that I became keenly aware of the need for a storm cellar!


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