My Diamond Candle 💍💎💍💎

I used my last diamond candle that I had in my stockpile of candles yesterday. Which meant after burning the candle for a few hours I would have a new ring to add to my collection. 

The only thing I don’t like about diamond candles is that you never know what size your ring will be and sometimes you get a beautiful ring that will not fit on any of your fingers. I know other ring candle companies let you choose your size or you can pick the option of surprise me, which can be any size. 

The candles cost around $25 if you don’t have a coupon code. 

Here are some photos of my diamond candle and the process of retrieving my ring. Diamond candle has a gold circle so u know where the ring is located. The ring is wrapped in foil and also is in a small Baggie. This helps because you do not want wax all over your new ring. 

I loved the ring I got last night because it is purple my favorite color. 

Happy Valentines Day 💜💜💜💜💜

We want to say happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.


Jewlr app 💍💍

I found a really cool website called jewlr and the rings stone can be changed and it actually shows you what the ring will look like. They can be expensive depending if u want a certain type of gold etc and which stones u choose. Take a look at the ones I created and they have tons more.