Beagle washed up at a campground in WI on Mississippi River 🐶🐶

Hi I am sharing this post because I would be lost without my beagle and can’t imagine what the owner/owners are going through right now. The dog is safe right now but they can’t keep the dog so please if you know the owners please Facebook Nikole and let her know she is in contact with the people who found the dog. 

Poor dog has had a rough time in the river and we are hoping we find it a home soon. 

Our Humble Abode

See what all u can do despite the space restrictions.

newly mrs. thompson

Well, it’s not a house but it certainly is our home and I think it’s safe to say that Matt and I have thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 months in our 650 sq ft. apartment. Yup, it really is tiny! But…after living apart for 5 months we’re just happy to be living under the same roof and to again have a place to call “ours”. Despite the small size, we love everything about it–okay, so I wish the kitchen and bathroom cupboards were white or dark brown but other than that it’s great. We even have a wood fire-place! Perhaps the best part of our apartment though is the location. We’re 1.5 miles away from downtown Naperville–truly one of the most adorable towns I’ve ever been to, let alone lived in. Come on in, take a peek and see for yourselves. Welcome to the Thompson home!



The door seen…

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Sharpie Crafts

DIY Glitter Wine Glasses🍷🍷

Glitter Wine Glasses

The Simple Life

I love a good DIY, its like a big girl craft and I. LOVE. THEM. My best friend friend just recently turned 21 so I decided to put my DIY skills at work and make her glitter wine glasses. Its really easy and super fun to do.

What You Need

  • Wine Glasses
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Small Sponge Paint brush
  • Damp Paper Towel
  • Paper Plate

I got the wine glasses from the dollar tree and all of the craft supplies from AC Moore. 

  1. With the sponge paint brush put a thin layer of mod podge over the area you want glitter on (I chose the stem of the wine glass).
  2. Pour the glitter on the mod podge over the paper plate.
  3. Lightly tap the wine glass on the plate to get the excess glitter off.
  4. Wait 30-40 minutes or until the glitter is firmly on the glass. 
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 
  6. After…

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Storage Bin to Toy Box Makeover

Storage Bin to Toy Bin

Creative Dominican

I was tired of looking at the ugly plastic bin I’ve been using as a toy box, but I didn’t want to spend money on an actual toy box. I decided to just give the bin a little makeover. It just took some wrapping paper, Mod Podge, burlap and decorative fence post caps to go from this:

Storage bin to toy box makeover.

To this:

Storage bin to toy box makeover

Like it? I think it looks great. The bin is in my family room so I picked materials that would go well with my current decor, but the possibilities are endless.


1. Bin
2. Fabric or wrapping paper. I used about a yard of burlap and wrapping paper I picked up at the dollar store
3. To keep the cost down I used decorative fence post caps as the legs instead of actual furniture legs. They cost about $3 each
4. Rope
5. Mod Podge
6. Hot glue
7. Lock…

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Distressed Dresser DIY

Dresser Makeover

The Hippie Haus Wife

I have always had a fondness for all things vintage (or antique, rustic, old, dated, etc). But I never really got into the whole “distressed” thing as I thought it always looked, well, crappy. I mean, who would pay good money for something that looks like it was dumped on the side of the road and left to rot (ok, maybe not that bad, but still)? Well, apparently there are a lot of people out there who would in fact pay a lot of money for these kinds of things.

By way of the internet and Pinterest, (yes, in my mind there is a difference in the internet and Pinterest- and anyone who is a hardcore “pinner” will know exactly what I mean), I had started to see a lot of distressing projects pop up, and with modern advances in crafting mediums, some of them were actually looking pretty cool…

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A Perfect Pair: Fabric Decoupage Book Ends

Mod Podge your Bookends

On The Upcycle~

I found these ordinary bookends in the housewares aisle at a thrift shop near home.  It was the only item I felt compelled to buy on this day, and they were priced right at $1.99.  Lately, I have made it a goal to begin to organize my crafting space, and these little book ends would help alleviate some of “the bookcase overload” this room is experiencing. Of course they were in need of a little restyling flare. Right now the craft room is more of a storage room, so these book ends are a very small step in the right direction, but  I am determined.  Stay tuned!

Fabric Decoupage Book Ends



Fabric of choice cut and traced to size

Pair of bookends

Mod Podge

Scissors, Black Marker

OOPS! Not Pictured

Foam Craft Brush, Paint Brush

Black Acrylic paint

I had fabric that I did not use from another project that I thought…

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Decoupage To The Rescue! Lost Basement Table Gets A Makeover

Basement Table Makeover

On The Upcycle~

Last stop before curbside in our house has always been the basement.  This poor glass table had been banished to the basement for seven years, the entire time we have lived in our house!  It was pushed in a corner and with flower pots and miscellaneous basement junk stacked on top of it and covered in spider webs. My husband and I try to keep the basement clean, and clutter free, but it is not always easy.  As much as we dislike our basement’s dampness, cement walls and floors, the spiders seem to love it! That’s good because they help control the other bugs crawling around down there! yuck!  If any item deserved a little TLC, and a makeover it was this table! I cleaned it in our utility sink and brought it upstairs.  The glass was easily removable, and the table cleaned up nicely.

Basement Rolling Glass Table Rescue

I laid out the fabric…

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Make it Pretty

Binder Covers Make it Cute

Guest Post: Dog Breeds in Focus–The Beagle

Beagles all about the breed

Meet The Pooches

Julie Harper joins us again on the blog to share some information about one of the more common breeds that comes through Orphans of the Storm®: the Beagle.

We all know that lovable pooches come in all shapes and sizes. Originally dogs were bred specifically for different purposes and learning their history and different characteristics can help you to choose a faithful family friend or an energetic ally.

History of the Beagle

The Beagle is a smaller member of the hound family and originated in 11th century England, although evidence indicates that dogs similar to Beagles were bred and used for hunting as early as the 5th century BC in ancient Greece. Heavier hunting dogs were crossed with greyhounds to produce a small, neat fleet of foot hounds with a keen sense of smell. The early Beagle was mostly white and used to hunt rabbits and…

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