Paint Night 🖌🎨🖌🎨

My mom has been wanting to go to a paint night event. She actually went to one a few weeks ago and painted on canvas a painting of the three dogs. It looks really cute my sister is actually going to take it and hang it up in her house. 

Anyways my mom seen there was a pint night event right down the street from her work so we bought tickets to go, it was actually inside the local gym which includes a bar. I know what you are thinking a bar in a gym. It was the same thing we were thinking lol. Pretty weird I know as I am sitting there painting people are behind me working out lol. 

The only thing I can think is that this bar/sub shop in a gym is because they have a huge pool outside and in the summer people get hungry and needs food and drinks I guess lol. 

Pint night was fun it was a painting of a heart with lady bugs. Here is the instructors painting. 


Here is my painting 

Here is my moms painting 

My moms coworker Kevin this was his painting he kind of went off and added special touches to his painting but I love it. 


Goodwill and thrift store shopping

I just needed to get some feedback from my followers. Is it just me or are prices for certain items going up in price at thrift stores and goodwills.

I don’t know about you but I believe there is someone that works for goodwill or the thrift stores that watch blogs, etsy shops etc to see what vintage items are selling for and they increase there prices.

Please let me know if you have seen the same things happening in your areas. Example I use to be able to find milk glass for a lot cheaper now it is still a deal but I seem prices from $6-$28 in the goodwill some even chipped or broken.