Need a dress?

Hi I recently was invited to a wedding and I love weddings but hate trying to find a dress that fits me and is the style that I like.

Well speaking to another co-worker about trying to find a dress she told me that she always uses Rent the Runway app and has had great dresses for weddings and other events.

Link. $30 off

You get a designer high dollar dress that maybe you wouldn’t pay for, for a great rental price.

The reviews are so great you see actual pics of the person in the dress and most people put bra size and what size they usually wear and what dress they decided to wear from rent the runway.

You can rent for a great price and they send the dress a few days prior to the event and guess what? You get two sizes to try on and if they don’t fit you can ask for a different size or different dress that will be overnighted to you for your event. The whole process went smoothly.

I will rent again soon for another event. Afterwards I dropped my dresses off at a ups drop box which was across the street from my house.

Click on my link and you will get $30 off your rental.

Here are pics of my dress which was around $300-400 dress that I rented for $30 which I don’t think you can beat. I decided on the 4 day rental but they also have a 7 day rental as well. Plus a membership if u want to go that route and rent more items on a more frequent basis.

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Baby Hats Camo 👶👶

I knitted a few infant/ newborn camo colored hats for my etsy shop. They are for sale at order yours today. children’s sizes will be available soon.


Etsy Items We Love

I have wanted to start getting a few items so that I can take pictures of my friends children I seen the cutest items on etsy and i started saving pictures an didn’t get the names of the some of the shops and I apologize if it is a shop you own or purchase from let me know so I can give them credit on my blog.


These two pictures above are from a etsy shop called Bellasorella9 they make custom children’s clothing and let me tell you the items are so cute and you can get in various sizes. I will need two boys outfits and a girl outfit for y friends children and hope I can come up with something in there sizes that match it helps that there birthdays are close together in the summer but more importantly for our photo shoot the kids are not camera shy so this will be fun lol

The pictures I have taken so far are of my beagle Harley and he is fed up with being my guinea pig. Now when he sees me pull out the camera he runs or he will not turn his head toward me when I call him lol stubborn beagle.




As you can see I was able to grab a few great pictures of Hollywood Harley. (he got that name from the employees from doggie daycare because he won many photo contest in maryland). I wish he would make a career for himself and help out with his rx dog food, daycare, and insurance lol.
Anyways enough about my baby beagle and back to the cute children.

This etsy shop is called mellonmonkeys and they also have tons of cute children’s clothing.

The picture above I forgot to save store information so sorry if you own or know what shop name is I will totally give them credit.

I hope you will check out these etsy shops and purchase some cute clothing items.

I recently traded with another etsy shop owner and can not wait to get my item and yes I am using it on the photo shoot.

This is such a cute pink feather headband wish I had a cute pink romper like the little girl in the picture to put on Kassidy for our photography sessions. It is going to be her first birthday in aug a would like to take some cute pics of her with a cake or cupcakes etc Kassidy is the third child and has two big brothers so I got to girly up the photos lol everyone does pink and purple as soon as you say girl but I think we will change it up some. Her mother says she puts a lot of yellows, oranges etc on her to bring out those blue eyes. To purchase a feather headband like the pink one above go to etsy shop called DragonflysanLadybugs.

I am thinking she has to have some pink but add some yellows, oranges, teals, and purples into the photos even if we have to change clothing multiple times lol oh how fun this will be at least that is what we are thinking now. You never know when it will be one of those days with children when they don’t want to cooperate lol I am praying all three with be on good behavior I guess I would be pushing it to try and add there 4 pugs in the picture. I think I will just see how it goes.

The picture above is the kids at the park see they love the camera.

I will post pictures of our photo shoot as I get them done I am currently waiting on some photography props and still have some items to get prior but don’t worry I am so excited about this that it won’t be long before we have pictures up maybe within 2-3 weeks.

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