My Facebook Page Update

A few people have told me that the link i had on some of my posts are not working to connect you right to my facebook page.

i fixed the problem so here is the link to go directly to my facebook page hopefully you will like my page and follow my shop and postings i always have new creations and items that i post on my facebook page sometimes it will show up on facebook prior to my blog.

Check it out at

Logo for etsy and Facebook

Well I am sure some people have already experienced this but there are some people that have nothing better to do with there time then to take someone else’s ideas and pictures that they took of there products and saying they are their products.

If I take someone else’s photo even if I don’t remember which site I took it from I always say I didn’t take this picture and if someone knows which site I got it from to let me know.

I contacted Elizabeth who has a shop and she created my logos for me which I totally love. It is a shame u have to go to this level but I want credit for my work.

Be sure to check out my etsy shop at

My Facebook page is under charm city creative designs be sure to like the page to keep up with what’s new