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newly mrs. thompson

Well, it’s not a house but it certainly is our home and I think it’s safe to say that Matt and I have thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 months in our 650 sq ft. apartment. Yup, it really is tiny! But…after living apart for 5 months we’re just happy to be living under the same roof and to again have a place to call “ours”. Despite the small size, we love everything about it–okay, so I wish the kitchen and bathroom cupboards were white or dark brown but other than that it’s great. We even have a wood fire-place! Perhaps the best part of our apartment though is the location. We’re 1.5 miles away from downtown Naperville–truly one of the most adorable towns I’ve ever been to, let alone lived in. Come on in, take a peek and see for yourselves. Welcome to the Thompson home!



The door seen…

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CLEARANCE Sale going on now!!

CLEARANCE Sale going on now in my etsy shop so stop past and take a look at all the items marked clearance it is a variety and more being added today.

Vintage, antique, and Upcycled treasures are marked down and on the clearance rack ready to be shipped out to you ASAP.


Stop by and take a look

Have you noticed

I am not sure if it is just me that has noticed this pattern or if anyone else has also seen a pattern at goodwill and local thrift stores. I swear there is a team on employees that must monitor blogs and Pinterest to see what the hottest trends and styles are because I have noticed several items going up in price. Has anyone else seen prices going up on certain items?

Ideas for your milk glass

As you know I have a etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ahindle78 and I sell vintage, antique, Upcycled items and personalized wine glasses and gifts.
I have several vintage items still for sale in my shop and as I was spending hours on Pinterest cause it is so addicting I found a few pictures of some ideas that u can use for milk glass. Make sure u swing past my etsy shop and take a look at what I have it may be something u are looking for or need.
I am not sure where these photos came from to give them credit and I did not take these pics that I am using.
Enjoy happy decorating

You can use a long rectangle dish to store stationary or mail.

You can store your makeup brushes etc



Milk glass can be used in your craft room to store thread or as a candy dish.


Add some vintage charm to your home or office and add some plants, flowers or succulents to your milk glass vases.




Use at parties and displays

Use your vases and bowls to decorate and organize your jewelry.
Again be sure to stop past my etsy shop to see what’s new http://www.etsy.com/shop/ahindle78


I am having a SALE in my etsy shop check it out all vintage, antique, and home decor are on sale prices have already been adjusted so buy up.


Happy shopping!!!!’

Vintage Items & Home Decor

I have several items that I have lowered the prices on in my etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ahindle78 be sure to check it out and purchase these items to add some color or vintage style to your decor.

I am trying to clear out my inventory so I can make room in my closet for new etsy shop items.
Also be sure to like my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charm-City-Creative-Designs/214517511903785?ref=hl

There is a combined shipping price which is cheaper the more u purchase.

Here are some pics I know u can find a few spots in your home to add these pieces.





Milk glass vases, organizers, fruit bowls, great for bridal showers and baby showers to display food etc.

This frame is painted a light purple and u can change out the pattern paper for any pattern paper u like.





Above is a pic of the upcycled cookbook holder in yellow.

Vanity tray also painted teal and u change change out the pattern paper as your mood changes.


Decorative plates for your home and one is painted with chalkboard paint and comes with white chalk.











The basket above can hold two bottles of wine. Would make a great gift






Hope you like what u have seen and be sure to stop past my Facebook page to like at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charm-City-Creative-Designs/214517511903785?ref=hl
And my etsy shop will always have new items added daily, weekly and monthly after I clear out some of my home decor and vintage items.

Need A Gift?🎁🎁

I have wanted to add a little variety to my etsy shop for a long time now but have been so busy with a million other things. It’s amazing how your days at work seem so long and once I get home it seems like time flies by and it’s time for bed.

Well slowly I have got a few new items and hope to have more in the upcoming weeks that I will share with you as well.

Make sure u like my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charm-City-Creative-Designs/214517511903785?ref=hl

Also check out my etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ahindle78 to see all the items in my shop.

I made a personalized utensil set for a coworkers baby shower gift basket and just loved how they turned out.


The utensil set comes with two sets of utensils but in this selection it only shows one because it came with the second set at pink and this gift was for a boy lol. The manufacturer mixes up the colors so I am not able to have specific requests for color choices except for the vinyl choices. I asked everyone who purchases to specify girl, boy or gender neutral and I can add the last name for personalization if they do not know name or what they are having. I can customize with stars, polka dots, hearts and more at customer request.

I also added a sippy cup and snack containers to my shop as well the picture of that is above and it purchased as a set and again colors vary but please specify girl, boy or gender neutral if u do not know what u or your family member or friend is having. I will pick colors depending on what is in stock or on hand.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charm-City-Creative-Designs/214517511903785?ref=hl make sure to stop past and like my Facebook page and feel free to post on your page I would appreciate it.

Here are some of the pictures of the personalized water bottles I have made teachers for their students, Girl Scout troops, sports teams and one order was for bottles that was being used inside of the goody bags given at the party.
I have red, blue, green and silver water bottles and they can be personalized with the color vinyl u pick or I can pick if u like its up to u. For large orders of silver I ask for notice in advance as this item is on back order alot or hard to find in my area. I currently have some stock of silver on hand.




I have also added vinyl wall decor to my shop as well. This works great for nurseries and bedrooms.



Here are some pics of more wine glasses made recently







I also sell upcycled/repurposed items and don’t forget my vintage/antique items as well here are some pictures of those items and more in my etsy shop.

The picture above is a wooden box that was very old and had to be brought into modern decor lol. It is painted purple with a clear coat and I used a pattern paper on the lid to add some fun to the box. The paper does have a clear coat on top as well. This item can be used in a child’s room to hold jewelry, small toys, in a office or adult bedroom to hold small items or in a foyer to collect small items and keys.

The picture above is a cute retro vase in lime green. Add this to any decor to give your home a pop of color.

I still have vintage/antique items as well here are a few pics of what I have










DIY countertops

I have some scratches on my kitchen countertop and have always wanted to upgrade my countertops but they are very expensive and was looking online for some options and came across this idea of Gianni granite and looks from the reviews that it is a great product.
I plan of getting some in the near future so we can start painting those counter tops.


The pictures above are of the steps you need to complete with Gianni granite countertops but I don’t want to mess them up since they will have to last a few more years to get us through

The pictures above of some before and after photos other bloggers, and customers have left reviews. I wish that I wish I was a blogger that was asked to use products for money and more.



Vintage Antique Finds

Who doesn’t like going to the thrift stores and goodwills. I haven’t been in a long time but now that it is getting dark later I can take some time to go get some goodies and come right home to paint them. If I go in the winter I can’t paint or create my items due to the cold and my shed is freezing lol we had a heater but it stopped working last year.

Plus the paints tend to freeze when I spray them on and it looks horrible.
So I am looking forward to summer yard sales and thrift stores shopping.’usually in the summer I add items to my shop almost daily.
Check out the current items I have in my shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ahindle78
U will also want to like my Facebook page so u keep up on the latest at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charm-City-Creative-Designs/214517511903785?ref=hl

Here are some pictures of some of the vintage and antique items in my shop.

I have a few bud vases that are milk glass and depression glass in several colors and again be sure to check back often so u don’t miss snyth




Entry Way Orgaization

House of 34

A year and a half ago, I created this entryway at the back door in an attempt to have some sort of organization and control over coats and backpacks. It works sometimes. Sometimes not so much. But now the wall has everyone’s initials attached to their designated space, so I am positive this personalized touch will have everyone hanging up their coats with a great big smile on their face.  Right?  Or not.

But at least it looks cute. 😉

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