Diy spray paint or dye furniture 💜💙🔨

I need to see if rit makes a color to dye a section of my sofa that has faded due to the sun. I love keeping my curtains open but with that comes a price to pay my sofa lost the red color and is white. So looking on Pinterest I found some cheap ways to extend the life of my sofa.
Here is a pick of the side facing my patio doors.


So here are a few pics that I got from Pinterest and the rit website of others that have used the dye since my sofa isn’t a slip cover I have to dab it and since we won’t be sitting on that side I painted it shouldn’t have to be rinsed off but we will see how it goes. I stopped at joann fabrics and picked up two colors I thought would match going to wait to get my husbands thoughts on which will match the best.

You can’t tell by the pics which one will match the best but cherry red is a little darker color so need more peoples input but if no one will be able to see it really I guess it won’t matter much since it is still by the window.


Below is the pics I found of other peoples projects.




Diy outdoor furniture 🔨

I wish I had a bigger deck and could build one of these cool benches. I found these on Pinterest. Not sure which websites they came from to give credit to the website or photographer.
These are such cute additions to any deck and easy to do according to the blogs.




Flowers & Veggies 🌱🌺🌹🍆🍅🍓🍉

I love growing fresh herbs, veggies and of course pretty flowers. Over the years it has been live and learn. I have had many things die so I figured out what to do and not to do lol.

I don’t have a lot of space because I live in a townhouse and my back yard isn’t that big and with Harley he would eat them or pee on them which I can’t have that. Also rabbits would be able to eat them as well. That’s dangerous for them since I have a beagle that loves to hunt rabbits but they keep going under our deck to have their babies lol.

Anyways I spoke to my husband and we may build a area that I can build a garden that has a little height to it. Just need to figure it out and get my plans and measurements together.


So right now I have my veggies on my deck in a million different planters and some seem to be doing well and some it is a waiting game to see how it goes. I purchased watermelon, sugar melon, purple eggplant, ghostbuster eggplant, cucumbers, tomato, lettuce, herbs, zucchini, squash, snap peas, green beans, and more.











My Pinterest Addiction

I am so addicted to Pinterest and have pinned more projects and ideas then I will actually do lol. I am sure many of you are in the same boat. I know my husband wishes I didn’t find Pinterest lol I have so many ideas to complete in our home but I know he doesn’t want to do some of my crazy projects I suggest so I may turn in a carpenter and take some classes. It can’t to be hard to measure and cut some pieces of wood to make a window seat , right!!!!!

I have a large window in my kitchen and since out kitchen is small I would love to make a window seat that has storage underneath for my larger appliances. This way it would leave more cabinet space for my dishes and bakeware. Currently I use my broiler drawer for my baking sheets lol

I also wanted to somehow have a little island in the middle as cooking space.
Don’t know if this will work out because we have live here for 14 years now and are use to an open kitchen. I know I will be the first to stump my toe in the middle of the night if I have it in the middle of the floor lol

I will post pictures at the end of the blog that I loved and seen on Pinterest. Some came from and and the other pics didn’t give a website so sorry about not giving u credit.








DIY Glitter Wine Glasses🍷🍷

Glitter Wine Glasses

The Simple Life

I love a good DIY, its like a big girl craft and I. LOVE. THEM. My best friend friend just recently turned 21 so I decided to put my DIY skills at work and make her glitter wine glasses. Its really easy and super fun to do.

What You Need

  • Wine Glasses
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Small Sponge Paint brush
  • Damp Paper Towel
  • Paper Plate

I got the wine glasses from the dollar tree and all of the craft supplies from AC Moore. 

  1. With the sponge paint brush put a thin layer of mod podge over the area you want glitter on (I chose the stem of the wine glass).
  2. Pour the glitter on the mod podge over the paper plate.
  3. Lightly tap the wine glass on the plate to get the excess glitter off.
  4. Wait 30-40 minutes or until the glitter is firmly on the glass. 
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 
  6. After…

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Storage Bin to Toy Box Makeover

Storage Bin to Toy Bin

Creative Dominican

I was tired of looking at the ugly plastic bin I’ve been using as a toy box, but I didn’t want to spend money on an actual toy box. I decided to just give the bin a little makeover. It just took some wrapping paper, Mod Podge, burlap and decorative fence post caps to go from this:

Storage bin to toy box makeover.

To this:

Storage bin to toy box makeover

Like it? I think it looks great. The bin is in my family room so I picked materials that would go well with my current decor, but the possibilities are endless.


1. Bin
2. Fabric or wrapping paper. I used about a yard of burlap and wrapping paper I picked up at the dollar store
3. To keep the cost down I used decorative fence post caps as the legs instead of actual furniture legs. They cost about $3 each
4. Rope
5. Mod Podge
6. Hot glue
7. Lock…

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Love note board❤️❤️

Love Note Board

Maggie May's

I recently saw this adorable idea on The DIY Wannabe’s blog page. I loved the concept of it and it seemed like a fun way to share little love notes. I wanted to share my version.

All you need is a picture frame. I found this old frame for $4.00.

Make a Love Note Board

I wanted one that was kind of big so it wouldn’t look awkward on the wall. I just removed the print and the glass and painted the frame white.

paint frame

In place of the print (or if your frame is new), just line the back with pretty paper, gift wrap, fabric, or decorative tissue paper like I used. Glue a cut out of a typed “I love you because” toward the top.

Make a Love Note Board

Put the backing and glass back into the frame and hang on the wall.

Make a Love Note Board

All you need are some white board markers and an eraser.

You can make a…

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Knife-block redo and barstool upcycle

Upcycled knife block and More

Crafty Madre


My wife suggested I paint our knife-block but I hesitated for a bit because it came with a expensive knife set from SharpenedKnife that my parents gave me. But you can’t win if you don’t play, right?  And she found this cool example and sent me the Pin, so I couldn’t resist.

And the first picture is an awesome bar stool turned (literally) into wrapping paper storage. We got the idea from Pinterest (where else?) and then the wife happened across a somewhat broken stool at a huge tag sale to benefit a local animal shelter. I promised to make the stool into a wrapping paper caddy if she promised not to bring home another dog. Here’s the inspiration for the stool:

I tried out Crackle for the first time on both of these.  It was actually kind of a ruse for the wife’s benefit. She’s much more…

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Need A Gift?🎁🎁

I have wanted to add a little variety to my etsy shop for a long time now but have been so busy with a million other things. It’s amazing how your days at work seem so long and once I get home it seems like time flies by and it’s time for bed.

Well slowly I have got a few new items and hope to have more in the upcoming weeks that I will share with you as well.

Make sure u like my Facebook page at

Also check out my etsy shop at to see all the items in my shop.

I made a personalized utensil set for a coworkers baby shower gift basket and just loved how they turned out.


The utensil set comes with two sets of utensils but in this selection it only shows one because it came with the second set at pink and this gift was for a boy lol. The manufacturer mixes up the colors so I am not able to have specific requests for color choices except for the vinyl choices. I asked everyone who purchases to specify girl, boy or gender neutral and I can add the last name for personalization if they do not know name or what they are having. I can customize with stars, polka dots, hearts and more at customer request.

I also added a sippy cup and snack containers to my shop as well the picture of that is above and it purchased as a set and again colors vary but please specify girl, boy or gender neutral if u do not know what u or your family member or friend is having. I will pick colors depending on what is in stock or on hand. make sure to stop past and like my Facebook page and feel free to post on your page I would appreciate it.

Here are some of the pictures of the personalized water bottles I have made teachers for their students, Girl Scout troops, sports teams and one order was for bottles that was being used inside of the goody bags given at the party.
I have red, blue, green and silver water bottles and they can be personalized with the color vinyl u pick or I can pick if u like its up to u. For large orders of silver I ask for notice in advance as this item is on back order alot or hard to find in my area. I currently have some stock of silver on hand.




I have also added vinyl wall decor to my shop as well. This works great for nurseries and bedrooms.



Here are some pics of more wine glasses made recently







I also sell upcycled/repurposed items and don’t forget my vintage/antique items as well here are some pictures of those items and more in my etsy shop.

The picture above is a wooden box that was very old and had to be brought into modern decor lol. It is painted purple with a clear coat and I used a pattern paper on the lid to add some fun to the box. The paper does have a clear coat on top as well. This item can be used in a child’s room to hold jewelry, small toys, in a office or adult bedroom to hold small items or in a foyer to collect small items and keys.

The picture above is a cute retro vase in lime green. Add this to any decor to give your home a pop of color.

I still have vintage/antique items as well here are a few pics of what I have










Do You Like Wine Then U Will Like This

I would love to make personalized wine glasses for you or or next event. Check out my shop at and also stop past and like my Facebook page at

This makes a great gift that is at a great price.

This glass was made for a friend who was turning 21 colors and lilac, pink, mint etc

Colors are metallic gold and metallic silver.

This glass is red white and navy and could be used for several holidays, military families and sports teams.

Colors are purple and mint






These glasses make the best gifts for wedding showers, wedding, sports fan, birthday, event, girls night out, bachelorette parties, and so much more be sure to like my Facebook page at
And stop past my etsy shop at

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